Wander-Chapter3 - Tree Friends

How stupid was I, to not realize that the forest I was in was the mighty Fangorn Forest. The ground shook with each step that Treebeard took. I picked up my weapons and quickly scrambled up a tree, to hide from Treebeard. Forgetting the the trees could communicate with Treebeard.
I held my breath as Treebeard passed by the tree that I was hiding in. Then suddenly Treebeard said"Greetings little elfling, its been many a day since a elf passed through my forest".
I was shocked as to how Treebeard found me in the trees. Then I remembered about how the trees could speak in a weird way. "Treebeard, may your forest ever grow, I am lost and can't find my way", I replied.
"Getting lost is a easy thing to do little one, in this forest, but you are welcome to stay with me for a while".
"Thank-you Treebeard, I will stay with you for a while", I sighed.
"I am glad that you decided to stay little one"
"So am I, great one"
I scrambled down the tree quickly. Treebeard walked away slowly in the entish way. I hurried to catch up with Treebeard. "Where are we going Treebeard", I asked politely.
"We are going to my home, to let you rest" he replied.
I was glad, I had many things that I wanted to think about. We walked a long way then suddenly a small clearing was there . It was surrounded by many trees in a circle-like shape. There was the small stream where Merry and Pippin would drink lots of entdrought and a tree would almost eat them. Treebeard went away leaving me in the clearing.
I layed down on the soft moss and went into a sleep-like state. I began to think about what had happened to me. I knew that I was in Middle-earth, and that I was hunted down for killing a whole settlement of humans which I didn't do. I had meet Treebeard the ent, but a whole lot of questions bugged me. What Age was I in and when in that Age, and how I got here.
I didn't what to do, but since I was under the watchful eye of Treebeard I wouldn't have to worry about something bad happening to me. I would have to ask Treebeard to teach me entish and treeish and some elvish too. Many other things poped into my head as to what to ask Treebeard, but those would have to wait until I saw him again.
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