Wander-Chapter 8 - Exploring Mirkwood

The trees grew old and aged, yet I never did. Countless seasons passed since the say I ran away form Rivendall. I wondered what they were thinking when they found out that I was gone.

Turning to my right, I entered a clearing. The tree's surrounding the clearing held all my belongings. Little toys that I played with, and my weapons. For this clearing had been my home since I had come to Middle-earth. Looking around, I felt really bored. Staying in a forest for many seasons, it's easy to get bored. It was then that I decided to go exploring outside Fangorn Forest.

Slowly I gathered my weapons and my few belongings and put them into the backpack. The backpack I made a long time ago to hold my things, when I went exploring in the forest. I strapped the two swords to my waist, then attached the bow and arrows to the back-pack. "Little one, where are you going?" asked Treebeard.
"I'm going exploring today. I'm bored Treebeard."
"The young get bored so easily. Where in Middle-Earth are you going to explore?"
"I am going to cross the river Anduin to explore Mirkwood."
"There is no place across Anduin called Mirkwood. There is only Greenwood."
"Oh...okay. I'll be back in a few weeks. I will greet the trees over there for you."
"You are a thoughtful child. May you have fun in Greenwood."
"Bye." And off I went, to go exploring. Along the way I picked some berries for food. I followed the waterway called Limlight, that fed into Anduin. It took me only two weeks to reach Anduin while following Limlight. I saw the field of Celebrant across Limlight. When I reached the place where three waterways joined Anduin, I jumped in and began to swim across Anduin.

It was hard going. My weapons made me weigh more, and the undercurrents kept on trying to pull me under. When I reached the other side of Anduin I was soaking wet. Oh no, my food! I quickly opened the backpack and found that everything was dry.I did not once set up camp or a fire, because I did not want anyone to find me.

Two weeks later I arrived at the edge of Mirkwood forest. Mirkwood was a beautiful sight, for no darkness had yet entered the forest. I walked boldly into Mirkwood, not looking to see if anyone had seen me.

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