Wander-Chapter 6 - Healing

Water rushed into mouth and nose, cutting off my air. Blackness came quickly, taking me to the realm of sleep. While I slept, the river swiftly carried me down the river for many days. My body stopped moving and I awoke, still half asleep. Suddenly I heard elvish voices near me. The voices became louder and closer. Then I felt someone pick me up. One of the voices said "Hurry, we must get the elfchild to Lord Elrond!"
I felt the elf that was holding me run quickly. Shouts rang out, ranging from what happened to get Lord Elrond. Finally the elf stopped and I heard Elrond's voice say "Go quickly to the healing room. I will meet you there."
The elf ran some more and stopped. Gently the elf laid me down on a soft surface. The elf said to himself "I just hope that Elrond can save the poor child."
The darkness claimed me, and I knew no more. I awoke in a large soft bed. The arrow in my throat was gone and I felt something hard encasing my ribs. I heard Elrond and another elf quickly come into my room. I shut my eyes so that I appeared to be sleeping. Elrond said "The child is lucky to be alive. Most of her ribs were broken, there was an arrow in her throat and she was half drowned."
The other elf responded "That is true my lord. We found her in the river half dead. I have no clue where she came from or how she ended up in the river."
"I will ask the child when she awakens," replied Elrond.
The two elves left the room and I was alone.
I wished that I could stay in Rivendell, but I knew that it wasn't possible. For as soon as they saw my eyes, they would try to kill me. I looked through one of the windows in the room and saw that it was night time. The perfect time for my escape. I eased out of the bed and tore off the cast surrounding my ribs. My ribs had fully healed and so had the throat wound. I realized that I had the ability to heal super fast and feel no pain.
I got off the bed and ran over to the balcony. Gazing down I saw that I was still in the same clothes, that I had been wearing when I had fallen into the river. I scanned about making sure no one was looking, and then I jumped down two stories and landed on my feet unhurt. I ran very fast until I stood outside the valley that hold Rivendell. Taking one last look at Rivendell, I ran away into the night.

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