Walking in the Woods - Chapter 3

Sorry this chapter was published so late! I was on vacation in Destin, Florida (the beach! Woo Hoo!) for a week, so I couldn't publish it. Comments are appreciated and enjoy!

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Chap. 2: http://www.theonering.com/docs/16835.html

"I'm still hungry!!!" L'Oreal complained again. The travelers were all weary and hungry. They were ready to sleep on a nice, warm bed and eat good food.
"Aren't we all." Sam said
"Stop complaining! Food is not going to pop right in front of us or anything." Strider told them. "We still have to go through the barrow downs and then we'll get to
Bree soon after that."
"We know!" L'Oreal and Sam chorused.
Strider rolled his eyes. Then he looked around. He saw nothing, but he definitely heard something. "Hey you two- listen."
"Listen to what? I don't hear any-"
"Oh lookie! Pretty elves. You will come with me." An orc said.
"They will not!" Strider called. "You will not take them without killing me first."
"Oh. Then I will." The orc replied. And with that the orc pulled out his sword and slung it at Strider with all his might, but Strider ducked. Then he pulled out his sword and cut off the orc's head. He looked for the elves, but he saw not either of them.
"Sam?" He followed the sound and found Sam lying under the dead orc. He then untied his bonds. "Sam! And where is L'O real?"
"L'Oreal! She was carried away by some giant orc."
"Uruk-hi." Strider whispered.
"Oh no. We cannot go after her with Uruk-hi prancing around. No Way!" Sam disagreed.
"Did I say that?"
"Well, no, but..."
"We need to go after her."
Sam sighed. "No!"
"Yes! We'll just avoid the Uruk-hi. No one said we had to fight them. L'Oreal needs to be found. I have an important reason for that."
"I don't care."
"You should."
Sam grew silent.
"Well, off to Mordor we go!" Strider said.
"Yes. That's where the Uruk-hi took her. To make her an orc most likely. You were lucky not to be taken away."
"That's pleasant to know."
"Well, what other way should I put it?!"
Sam shrugged.
"We better get going." said Strider.
"What about our food?"
"Hmmmmmm. I should have some elven bread here somewhere. Here it is."
"Hey! Why didn't you tell us you had food before?" Sam questioned.
Strider fell silent.
"Well, have it your way then. Now we have food and we can go." said Sam.
"Yes, let's go." Strider agreed.

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