Voronwie Malle (Everlasting Road) - -Prologue

"Bring her in." The King of Mirkwood announced. His eyes flashing slightly at the gaurd. He watched with concern as the Gaurd bowed his way out the door, only to return a few moments later with an Elf-maiden.
The Elf-maiden's curly brown hair flowed gracefully down her back as she walked in. Her small footfalls echoed in the silent room as she approched the King. As she came nearer he noticed her pale-green eyes had a small spark in the corners before she bowed. "My Lord Thranduil." Her voice was light and clear like a small bell in the distance. "I approach you, sir, to tell your son an important message."
"Continue, Fair-maiden." The King replied. His eyebrows arched as she rose with grace. Her eyes had lost thier spark. But her small delicate hands folded infront of her as she took a few short breaths. Her chest rising and falling before she spoke a word.
"There is to be a Council. Held by Lord Elrond of Rivendell. He wants Legolas to attend." She announced. Her eyes shifting from Thranduil's left eye, to his right and back again. A small spark of fear flashed on her face but was soon to be covered by a look of concern. Legolas sat by Thranduil's side. But she forbid herself to look at him as she awaited Thranduil's reply.
"A council on what?"
"He did not say, My Lord."
"But it is important, no?"
"Yes, sire, it is."
"Legolas? Do you wish to go?" Lord Thranduil asked his son. Not turning his head to look at him. Legolas looked over at his father then at the maiden who stood before them.
"Aye, I accept."
"You will pack and be ready within the hour to go with..."
"Larien Isilra, My Lord."
"Larien Isilra. On your way to Rivendell."
"Yes, Father."
As Legolas stood up, Larien started to bow. "No, milady. There is no need for a bow. I will see you soon." He put his hand to his heart and onto her shoulder as he walked off. Larien nodded to him, and then bowed her way out from King Thranduil's kingdom.
"Ah, There you are, Larien." Legolas noted, walking over to Larien who, unlike others, was busy practicing her archery. "An archer are you, Milady?" He asked simply. Coming to a stop next to her and watching as she hit a few times close to the middle of the tree.
"I'm learning. I won't be as great as you, Milord. But I practice." She replied. Knocking another arrow and letting it fly into an apple. Putting her bow and quiver away she turned to Legolas. "Are you ready to leave, then?" She asked, looking up at him as he mounted his horse.

Note-Sorry its short for those of you who read this. Uhm, Tell me what you think. I'll be happy for your comments, good or bad. Please be truthful. And Chapter 1 will come soon!! (Oh and you'll also find out that the title means everything later on )

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