Victorious Dead

Look into the sun
blinded by the rays
of glory blazing high
upon the horizon.

Look upon the fellow men
who fought this battle
withholding fear.

Sun shining rays upon their faces.
Blessing these men
with another breath.

Look upon a morning sky
and hold it dear...
Soliders that have fallen
will never look to it again.

Look and be glad,
that you've lived to see the light.
Light that ever grows...
after battles fought last night.

Look and remmeber
all the hardships you've endoured
Look and be delighted
that the sun looks back on you.

And remember always
the men that aided you.
Remember their efforts, bravery, courage.

Remember to share the beautiful
sunshine with the ones that died.
Sun for those fighting by your side.

Now just spirits of soliders,
once our fathers, sons, & friends
during their lives they held places in our hearts
and thoughts each day,
in death they will hold the same
though now in a bittersweet way.

Brave soliders of old
each with their story of the night
each story as imprortant as the other
for it took everyone to win this fight.

The dead will have a place forever
in our hearts and in our souls,
Hail! The victourious dead.... we salute the

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