Valie of Lorien - Prologue

Valie of Lorien Prologue

One night Haldir was guarding the outer forest of Lothlorien. It was very cold and dark night. He was walking through the trees as usual, lost in his thoughts.
A sudden rustling came from the ground a few feet away. Haldir approached cautiously. There in the ground lay a bundle that kept stirring. Haldir softly picked it up.
It was a baby, an elf baby. The baby opened her eyes and looked up at Haldir. She had the most beautiful green eyes which seemed to myseriously glow from within.
She shined, as if she had light of her own. A seal was pinned to her blanket; it was Elbereth's seal.
What was Elbereth's daughter doing all alone there in the forest? Why was she elven form?
Haldir took the baby to the city and immediately went to the Lord and the Lady to show them what he had found.
"Milord, Milady, I was guarding the woods and I found this baby"
The Lady Galadriel approached to have a better look at the baby. She looked into her eyes.
The Lady gasped.
"This baby, is a Valie, daughter of Manwe and Elbereth, this can't be possible, I wonder why is she here, was she all alone?"
"Yes Milady, not a single soul except me" Haldir said. He was shocked; he had found a Valie.
"Celeborn, we will raise this child. I fear it is meant to be; fate has placed her upon us."
"If that is what you believe, I agree; we shall love her as a blood daughter, and Celebrian as a blood sister"
Galadriel took the baby in her arms. The baby giggled.
"I will name her Celewen" Celeborn said and looked into his wife's eyes; Galadriel smiled. The Lord and Lady of Lorien did not hide to Celewen that they were not her birth parents but did not tell her the whole story.
Celewen didn't knew who her parents were. Even though Celeborn and Galadriel were not her birth parents, Celewen loved them as such.
She grew up and turned to a young maiden with brown hair and deep green eyes. Celewen wanted to learn the arts of weapons so Haldir was her teacher.
Yet Celewen was not perfect; she could bleed and cry, and was also very clumsy.
Celewen being in the form of an elf, thought and was like one.

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