Unknown Secrets - chapter one

Chapter 1 The First Look
Nienna was walking through her grandfather's gardens when a servant came up to her.
"Milady, the guests have arrived, your father and your grandfather request your presence," the servant said. She bowed and went away. Nienna walked to the front steps where her kin were greeting with the guests.

"Nienna, your just in time, may I ask where you were," Elladan asked.

"Of course, I was wandering in the gardens, pardon my lateness I did not notice the time," She said. They turned to the guests who were sent as ambassadors to the other Elvin Kingdoms. Legolus, prince of Mirkwood, Haldir march warden of Lorien with his two brothers Rumil and Orophin.

"Gentlemen, my I introduce my granddaughter Nienna, " Elrond said to the guests.

"It is my honor to finally meet you," Legolus said as he took her hand brushed his lips against it. Nienna turned a light blush color at these words. Elladan whispered something in Elronds ear and Elrond broke the silence.

"Lord's please excuse my granddaughter for she has some affairs to deal with," Elrond politely said. At this Elladan put his hand on Nienna's back to push her away.
As they walked down the hallway Nienna kept looking back and her father kept noticing this.

"You will see them a supper for a fact, you are to bathe, then change into something proper and I mean PROPER," he ordered.

"No father I'm going wear my most revealing dress above all of them, of course father, but you need not worry for me," she said. She kissed her father on the cheek and proceeded on her way.

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