Unknown secrets - chapter 2

Supper was mainly boring, all they did was stare at each other and tell each other stories of earlier adventures. Once in awhile they cast their eyes upon her who staring of in the abyss, which amused her greatly.

"Grandfather may I be excused, I'm feeling a little light headed," Nienna asked. Elrond nodded his head and she exited the dinning hall out on to the balcony over looking the waterfall. Ten minutes later she was surprised when Rumil stood beside her.

"You are lucky, many would love to live like you do, everyday you wake up to see this, to know that you'll have many suitors," Rumil said.

"Excuse me."

"I mean, you must have many who think of you as surprisingly beautiful," Rumil said.

"Thank you very much for your compliment, and I accept it greatly," Nienna said.
Nienna was startled when her father called her and Rumil back in.

"Nienna, say goodnight," Elladan demanded.

"Yes father, good night grandfather," she said while kissing her grandfather on the cheek.


"Gentlemen, someone tell me why you were summoned?" Elladan asked. Haldir stood up.

"To decide the fate your daughter, your highness," Haldir answered.

" And yet you gentlemen seem to take notice to her beauty, even though we asked for ambassadors who were not easily ensnared in the net of beauty, did I not?" Elladan asked.

"Elladan! enough, you do not have the right to talk at this moment," Elrond interfered angrily.

"Father she is my daughter, do I not get to have a say in her future," Elladan said.

"I asked for these gentlemen to come personally," Elrond added. That seemed to keep Elladan quiet.

" We shall discuss this later to calm some steaming water that this has been made," Elrond said. Elrond dismissed them and started to walk to Nienna's bed chambers.
He knocked on her door, she opened it.

"Grandfather, where are you sending me?" Nienna asked or grandfather.

"Nienna, your father and I have made agreements and you are to go to Lorien escorted by Hailar of course," the elven lord said.

"And when do I leave?"

"Tomorrow morning, Nienna try and not live up to your name tonight, for going to Lorien is very adventurous and you'll be away from Rivendell."

"Grandfather you mustn't speak for I fear you'll change your mind," Nienna said. A grin spread on Elronds face, he kissed his granddaughters forehead and bid her goodnight.

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