Twinkling Eyes ~ Chapter 2

<p> &quot;Failariël, I thought I told you not to leave Caras Galadhon.&quot; Haldir said sternly. He knelt and became level with his daughter's face.<br /> <br /> &quot;You did father, but -&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Then what are you doing here?&quot; he asked, staring intently into her eyes, which possessed the same hue of silver found in his. Failariël trembled. Her father's eyes could bring Sauron to his knees.<br /> <br /> &quot; I -&quot; started Failariël.<br /> <br /> &quot;I challenged her to race, Marchwarden.&quot; cut in Aerandir, taking a step foward.<br /> <br /> Haldir's gaze shifted to the young boy with mused blond hair. &quot;That was very foolish of you, Aerandir. You do know that orcs have been near the borders of Lorien?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Yes, sir.&quot; replied Aerandir, looking down at the forest floor, trying to avoid the Marchwarden's cold stare. <br /> <br /> &quot;Do you know what they would do to you if they captured you?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;No, sir.&quot; was the only reply from the boy.<br /> <br /> Haldir raised a brow, &quot;I am suprised that you, of all people, do not know. The orcs are vile creatures that show no mercy. You have been taught this, I am sure.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Yes sir.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;I wish I could spare you from what I am about to say, but your carelessness has given me no choice.&quot; Haldir's voice became softer, a trace of grief powered his words. &quot;Orcs would mutilate you, kill you, and eat you. They desire the rich taste of Elven blood. Sadly, many elves have befallen this fate.&quot; Haldir paused and his gaze fell, and his voice wavered slightly when he continued, &quot;Most of my comrades, and dearest friends have been victims. Even your father young Aerandir.&quot;<br /> <br /> Aerandir stiffened. Failariël could see tears filming his eyes, brimming his lashes. He bit his bottom lip to keep from crying out. <br /> <br /> Haldir sighed as he looked at the boy. He stood up. &quot;Go back to the city.&quot;<br /> <br /> Aerandir stared blankly in front of him as the Marchwarden passed. Failariël reached out and touched his shoulder gently. He jumped slightly. Failariël smiled weakly. &quot;Come on.&quot;<br /> <br /> The two slowly trekked down the path before them. Failariël put her arm around Aerandir's shoulder, consoling him. She made light-hearted jokes, and was satisfied after he smiled. She laughed quietly but suddenly stopped. <br /> <br /> &quot;What's wrong?&quot; asked Aerandir, looking curiously at his friend. <br /> <br /> &quot;I'm not sure. I feel...cold.&quot; Her brow furrowed at the unexplained wariness she felt. She looked up through a break in the trees and saw that darkness had fallen. A sharp tremor went through her spine. &quot;Let's hurry back.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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