trapped in the Second Craze - Chapter two-Galadriel's mirror

Elenath and Elenna looked around them at the Elves who had just sung happy birthday. Then they collapsed on the bed as the Elves walked away. A few moments later Galadriel approached, beckoning to them. They followed her to a basin that she was filling with water. "looooook intooo myyyyy preeeetty preeeeetty mirrrrrrrrrrroooooorrrrr!" she sang. " Ele rolled her eyes. "I'll go first." She bent over and at once Dol Guldur appeared. Then she saw him, Sauron. She shook. Then he spoke. "Yo, dudes, what's up?" he asked, so that all three Elves could hear him. Elenath looked at him. He was wearing baggy jeans, a long T-shirt that said " All hail Sauron, gangsta rap Lord of Middle-earth!" He also had several piercings. Galadriel pushed her aside. Elenna looked at her with a Told-you-so look in her eyes. Galadriel was waving a lock of her hair in front of the mirror and saying "Yeah, Sauron, you dare to show your face here? I mean, you NEVER took me to my perm appointment, you never gave me my conditioner back, I mean just look at those split ends! And don't let me get started on that manicure pedicure thing, because look at my nails!" she shrieked, waving her hand in front of the mirror. "Are they Satin Pink? Noooo.....and you wonder why I left you for Celeborn!" Inside the mirror, Sauron sighed. "Come on, let me make it up to you. New perm, nails, everything-I'll even take you to put more highlights in your hair! Come on baby, gangsta Lord Sauron's gonna getcha a makeover!" Galadriel flounced her locks. "Sorry, too late!" she said, and walked away. Elenna walked up to the mirror. "Hi, Mr. er....Mr....Mr. Dark Lord, sir. I'm sorry about Galadriel." Sauron smiled. "That's okay. But what a whiner! Paint my nails, Sauron. Do my hair, Sauron. Massage my feet, Sauron. And what do I get?" he asked. "She leaves me for that Lord Celeborn. And....I bet he cannot make 17 rings of power with fancy Elvish script and gemstones and really catchy gangsta sayins like me and my homies have." Elenna raised her eyebrows. "What kind of sayings, Mr. Dark Lord, sir." Sauron laughed. " I can't tell, because then I'd have a rival. Listen, I'm on three way telepathy here with my old homie Gandalf, so, love to stay and chit chat, but I gotta blow this popsicle stand!" with that, he disappeared. "What the heck is a popsicle stand?"Elenath said.
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