Too Close to Home - Part Fifteen of many to come.. - How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

Faramir went after the Lord of Rivendell and grabbed his arm stopping him from moving. "Please hear me out, my lord?!"

Elrond looked at his hand on his arm and glared at him. "Speak fast before I really lose my temper."

"May we venture where we will not be overheard by Mira?" asked Faramir.

"This way," Elrond said, as he headed in a different direction of the balcony.

On the balcony, Mira stood gazing towards the river below when she heard the light footsteps of someone approaching. She turned her head to see the lavender dress of Arwen coming towards her. Mira smiled as Arwen neared her.

"You like Faramir, don't you, Mira?"

"He's the first person who I ever got to listen to me about the abuse that I got at my father's hands beyond you and your family, Arwen, even the jeweler and his wife didn't believe me but they saw the bruises on my in a way they must have known but turned a blind eye to it." Mira said, as she looked at her.

"I truly am sorry, Mira. I wished we had known about your plight sooner." Arwen whispered quietly, as she gazed over the valley.

"I too wished your family knew about it sooner. I had my hopes dashed several times in the past. I thought I was finally free of my father...but only to be dragged back to him. I just hope that I do not have to return to him. I fear for my life, Arwen, if I return to his home," whispered Mira.

"I too, fear that day."

"Arwen, I want you to have something."

"What is it?" asked Arwen. Then, she saw the Evenstar necklace in Mira's hand. "Oh, Mira, I couldn't! I couldn't take it. You made it with your own hands."

"Please take it, Arwen. Please?" begged Mira, as she looked at Arwen.

"All right, but I shall not accept it as a gift I will pay you the proper amount for the necklace, Mira." spoke Arwen, as she pulled out a small pouch by her side and withdrew about forty gold coins from the pouch and handed it to Mira.

Mira placed the coins in her pouch which she then, wrapped the necklace around Arwen's neck and stepped back. "By the Elbereth (Star-Queen), the necklace looks perfect on your neck, Arwen. It was like as if I had created the Evenstar just for you."

"It is strange, you never saw me before and yet you created a necklace that fit me perfectly. My people call me Evenstar, the very..."

"Same name of which I had named the necklace that now is around your neck."

Arwen and she just stood there bathed in the moon's light, before they heard couple of voices coming closer. It was Estel and Elladan walking towards them smiling.

Elladan spoke, "Father is acting strange now."

"What do you mean, Elladan?" asked Arwen.

"He just threw both of us out of his private room. He was talking in a heated voice with Faramir. They're arguing about something and I think it is about...mummph."

Estel's hand had muffled Elladan's words therefore silencing him. "Hush, brother, before you end up making a fool of yourself to the lady who you are attracted to by ending up sticking your foot in your mouth."

Mira spoke, as she removed Estel's hand from Elladan's mouth. "I know why they are arguing and it does deal with me. My father is going to be released soon and my life here is over as I must flee this place to find another place of sanctuary and hope that the hunters do not find me."

"Mira, we will not..." spoke Estel.

"I'll be in my room, getting my things together to leave in the morning." Mira said, gently as she walked away from them.

"Mira! Please stop!" cried Elladan. He realized that Mira was not stopping. He turned towards Estel and glared angrily before he quickly followed Mira.

"Good going, Aragorn, you chased Mira off. I was just about to suggest us to leave so they could be together here alone...if you get my meaning." Arwen stated, calmly.

"You mean...those two are in love?"

"Yes, Aragorn, they are but they do not know it. I think they feel something but it's there just waiting to come out."

"How do you know that they are in love, Arwen?"

"Did you not notice how he held her when we told her about her mother and how she silenced him from speaking anymore?"

"I did but now that you made me think about it, I think you are correct about it. Maybe we should tell Elrond about this and that Mira wants to go to another place of sanctuary." Estel said, as he walked towards the hallways which lead them to Elrond's private chambers.

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