Too Close to Home - Part Eight of many to come.. - How did Faramir know about Aragorn?

"That was the last thing I saw before I woke the next morn in the care of some healer I assumed." said Mira.

"Who was the man?" asked Arwen.

"I do not even know who he was. I wished I did because he saved my life by getting me to the healer when he did." Mira stated.

"Who was the healer?" asked Legolas.

"It wasn't even a healer I was at but a jeweler's home. Whoever the man was left me in their care, stating something about she was in need of a safe haven for a while. I stayed in their spare room for about a week before I had the strength to stand and walk about. I felt helpless there and I tried to help out as much as possible. I became a big help in the store helping people figure out which jewelry to buy and with my eye, I was able to match each piece of jewelry to the person. One day, a man came in, I never seen him before, tall Ranger looking but I doubted that he was one. He came in and asked for the jeweler to create a necklace most suitable for his lady love. He said he be back in a month to claim it. He left leaving us with a small bag of coins as down payment for the necklace." spoke Mira.

The gray haired jeweler drew for days trying to get something that was perfect for the man's lady love. Nothing was looking right to him. He was doing that and creating other jewelry for other customers. Finally, he gave up on drawing it or doing the necklace at all.

Mira watched him as he worked for several days and then picked her courage up and asked, "May I try to create the necklace for the Ranger?"

He gave me all the things that I might need to create it. I created this necklace within a day." Mira said, as she removed the silver necklace from around her neck. In her hand laid a white gem like a star on a silver necklace.

"Mira, that is beautiful! Can you make another just like that one?" whispered Arwen, who fell in love with the jewelry that was in Mira's hand.

"Alas, I can not make another Evenstar. I named it Evenstar for I had finished it when the evening star appeared for the night. I have tried several times to make a double of it. But each one didn't come to shed the grace of the original one." Mira stated gently.

"Father couldn't we send an envoy to the Dwarves and get some gems from them?" whispered Elladan.

"Hush, Elladan," stated Elrond.

"Did the `Ranger' return to claim the necklace?" asked Estel.

"No, all year we waited for him to return and claim it. He never showed up. After creating the necklace, I became an apprentice jeweler under the jeweler's eye. I created several other necklaces and rings but never could make a double of the Evenstar," spoke Mira, as she placed the silver necklace back around her neck.

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