To the Edge of the Universe - The adventure begins, An ordinary day Sudenly turns extaordinary.

Once, not so very long ago, in the quiet Midwest of The United states of America, there lived a strange old man. He lived in a huge old house by himself. His wife had died many years ago and he had no children. He didn't have any friends either,save one. A girl of about sixteen by the name of Omedeaos, usually called Omey.
She was as odd as her name, though she tried not to show it. She was fairly good at blending in, but she was somthing of a loner. She loved to vist Mr. Kirke, because he was the only one who truly understood her. She had no need to pretend to be the same as everyone else when she was with him, he was like a second father.
Mr. Kirke dabbled in what he called science, but to Omey it sounded more like magic. You see, he was positive that other worlds exsisted. And he had devoted his life to proving it. Little did Omey know that on this particular day he had been successful.
Omey walked up the path and knocked on his door. No answer, she knocked again, still no answer. So she opened the door and went in. She could here a strange humming sound, it seemed to penatrate her skull and her brain and every atom of her body. Suddenly she had a very scary thought, what if somthing had happened to him? She ran up the stairs two at a time, to the attic and flung the door open.
"Mr. Kirke are you all right?"
The old man was sitting calm as a glassy pond on a breezless summer day," Hello Omey, did you feel that?"
"Did I feel that? you'd have to live in china not to!"
"Really my dear, no need to exsagerate."
"What was that?"
"That was the result of my trip to England, or more accuratly the things I brought back from England."
"What could you get in England that makes a noise like that?"
"Come this way," he said leading the way to a small table in one corner of the attic.
On the table was a small box, it was made of some wood Omedeaos couldn't place. The wood was almost white, anmd so polised it almost lookked like ivory. Mr. Kirke put on a pair of gloves and picked the box up and opened it. Omey looked over his sholder. Inside there was an assortment of about half a dozen rings. Three were bright green and three were lemon yellow. They seemed to vibrate with life and energy. She regondnized them at once.
"Then it was true, the story was true," she said softly.
" These are the rings, that can, if properly used transport you to any universe."
Omey's face broke into a big grin,"So you want me to, go and see what I can see?"
"Exsactly, go to the Wood Between Worlds, pick a pool and go to that world, see what is there and come back and tell me. Will you do it?"
Omey's eyes were sparkling with delight and exsitement,"I'd love to, when do I start?"
The professer picked up two of the rings slipped them on a silver chain, handed them to her, and left the attic for a moment. When he came back he had a backpack, a cloak and a blue leather book with the word remember embossed in silver on the cover.
She put the cloak on, took the book and back pack and gave the profser a parting smile, and touched the green ring. She rushed upward up ward and to her surprise she landed not in a peaceful wood, but on a dirt road, an old man in grey coming along behind.
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