To Middle Earth! - Ch 3

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"Lintulinda eve Tuile,
Eve vinya lote,
Eve i Adrdo coire!
A,lin eve Larie,
Eve mir eleni,
Eve lissi are!
A,Linde,lin eve Yavie,
Eve laurea lassi,
Eve man mereth!
Lin, lin eve Hrive,
Eve telpe isil kal esse i lossen undome,
Eve i yeno met!"
The four cousins could hear the elves singing. They had apparantly overcome the shock of hearing the....interesting song that Mike had sung for them.
Kaitlyn, Brian, Mikey and Megan had not, though. They were all sitting together on a white marble bench outside the hall, still giggling wildly at Mike's singing. It wasn't that he was a bad singer, quite the contrary. As he had been 'forced' into chorus since he was in the 3rd grade, singing wasn't too hard for him. It was the lyrics, and the audience that tickled their funny bones.
"The Chicks diiig iiiiit!" giggled Kaitlyn in a very bad impression of Mike, who looked insulted.
"No, no ,no! You have my voice down all wrong! It's like this!The chiiiiiiks diiiig iiiit!" he sang in the highest note range he could muster, causing Kaitlyn to colapse in more giggles.
"You should have seen their faces!" howled Brian, who could not get over the expressions of complete surprise the Middle earth "peeps" had had on their faces.
"They'll never forget this one!" said Megan, "I wish Dad could of been here to-" she stopped, her face striken.
Mike sobered almost immeadiately. "It's ok. Meg."
"Yeah." Brian patted her arm, and gave Kaitlyn, who was sitting next to him, a quick hug. Kaitlyn hugged him back, her hazel eyes losing its sparkle. Why, every time she was happy, some thing reminded her of the accident?
They were silent for a moment, and finnaly Brian spoke. "Well, every thing sure is messed up."
"Whadya mean?" Kaitlyn looked at him curiously.
"Well, I mean, your parents our dead, we fell through a hole into a completely new world, that i think I knew something about earlier, but I keep on forgetting."
"You too?" exclaimed Kaitlyn, "Your forgetting every thing you knew about thi place too?"
"Forgetting, no. Forgotton , yes. I ca't remember a dang thing." Brian shook his head. " The council is tomorrow. Maybe they will know." Megan spoke up softly.
"Yeah. Maybe. This is so wierd."added Mike, looking puzzled, "I mean, how could we have just 'fallen into another world? Its impossible!"
"I dunno." Kaitlyn was stumped. This sounds alot like one of those fan fics Megan is always raving about. Wait! she shook her head. Fan fics?
Sorry bout the short ch, I have more on the way, and thank you for any critisizim you might give!
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