TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - Part 1 of 5, the Beginning of the Hunt

I woke silently and rose from my bed. The chilling wind made me wide awake. Nothing made a noise. I looked around and observed the dark forest. "It is pitch black so it must still be night," I thought. I sighed and remembered the stories Naneth told me about when Greenwood had light.
I climbed slowly and carefully down the ladder and found my young sister Anoriel slightly snoring on the floor of the forest with her golden hair contrasted against the black night. I pounced down from the ladder and started tickling her. "Taurëdor," groaned she, "I had another nightmare."
"I can see that," answered I. "Or you would have stayed in your bed, not to come bother me."
"But I did not come bother you!" she argued.
"I know you did not come up to me like the last four nights," I teased, "but today you fell asleep on the forest floor to be caught by a monster!"
"But Ada and Naneth are away and the forest is now even more dangerous. `Tis not safe without Ada and Naneth."
"Do not worry so much, Anoriel!" I said to comfort her. "Elduin and Doronan and I hunt and patrol this area for orcs well. Any that come near are killed."
"Elduin and Doronan are the Half-Elves, right?" she asked me.
"Yes, their father was a Man and their mother was an Elf."
"Are we Half-Elves?"
"Then what are we?"
"Anoriel, we are humans with pointed ears."
"Oh," Anoriel said. She did not seem to know the difference. I almost decided to tell her the truth, but that would have spoiled the amusement.
"I must prepare to hunt," said I.
"Alright," said the little child. "I am tired. I am going back to bed."
"Good Elf!" said I, hoping that she would get my joke. But she just scrambled up her tree and went to bed.
* * * * * * * * * *
Once I knew that she was asleep I chuckled and ascended my ladder. I grabbed my sheathed sword and fighting-knives from underneath my bed and tied them to my belt. After I had them secured I put on my greenish-grey cloak. I felt comfort from its warmth. Then I clutched my bow and quiver of green-feathered arrows in the darkness and put them against my back.
I unwrapped my food-bag and pulled out an apple. I consumed it and loved its sweet taste.
Then I descended down the ladder again and marched to the stream. When I got there I dunked my head into the cool water. I drank the refreshing liquid and bathed. Once I was done I sprinted into the forest to find my shadow-coloured horse, Sindariel.
I rode away to Elduin and Doronan. I spotted them sitting against a tree. "Mae govannen!" I greeted them.
"Suilaid, Taurëdor!" said they at once. They were quite unique brothers. Elduin was the oldest and had dark hair and a cheerful personality, and Doronan was the youngest and had golden hair like most of us and usually stayed quiet and secretive.
"Taurëdor," started Elduin, "we have heard news of some orcs camping nearby. We must hunt them before they attack our people."
"How many?" I asked.
Doronan stood and looked at me with his bright blue eyes. "There are probably about five," said he.
"Great!" said I and the two brothers chuckled.
"You are always so cheerful," said Elduin.
We started off without our horses so we could not make too much sound. We looked for the orcs until dawn (or when it would have been dawn,) when we finally distinguished some smoke. "Elduin," whispered I, "you are the smallest, right?"
"Yes," he whispered back. "I am a few inches shorter than Doronan. Why did you ask?"
"If you are the smallest," I began, "Doronan and I will be able to lift you up onto a tree. Then you can climb to the top and see where the fire is."
Elduin sighed sarcastically. "Alright, I will."
We elevated him onto a branch of the strongest and largest tree we could find and he journeyed watchfully up the old oak. When he got to the top he surveyed the area around him and started down very slowly and cautiously. "I think he is afraid of heights," I said to Doronan, in a whisper just loud enough for both of them to hear. Doronan giggled but Elduin turned around to give me a dirty look.
Elduin scramble down the tree and snickered, "Heh!"
"So I guess you are not," I said. "But what did you see?"
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