To Dream - Ch11: Voices and Visions

Things you need to know about this story...
1.) Elven dreams are very realistic
2.) Elves shouldn't normally meet *real* people along the Olórë Mallë (Path of Dreams)... but something happens in this story that is not normal

Names/Pronunciations will come at the end of each chapter. ( ) signals a footnote.

A/N: Up to this point I have given all my OCs Quenyan names, but tried to stick with Sindarin when I have had them speak (since this is probably the dialect of Elvish that they would actually use in everyday speech). However this can sometimes be difficult since Sindarin was not developed by J.J.R.T. as fully as Quenyan was. In this chapter I have a few phrases that I suspect may actually be Quenyan, but since they are pretty generic phrases I felt it was possible that even those who primarily speak Sindarin might have used them.


Chapter 11.) Voices and Visions

"Again that Voice, which on my listening ears
Falls like star-music filtering through the spheres"

- James Rhoades

Time: Two days before the Merendë Enyalie, a festival to celebrate the coming new year.

Oloriel stretched lazily as she tried but failed to stifle a yawn. She scolded herself for her lethargy and continued to braid the sides of her hair. When not hanging free, she usually just put her hair up into one long braid, but this morning she was trying something a little more intricate.

When she finally completed her task she looked curiously at herself in the mirror. She had braided locks of hair intermittently throughout the shining mass, and as an afterthought had even laced a small red ribbon, which matched the gown she was wearing, through the lock that fell from her right temple. The ribbon had been unearthed from the bottom of one of her old chests when she was rummaging around in them earlier that morning. The true aim of her quest, however, had been to find a small box, which contained a necklace that had belonged to her mother.

It was simple but beautiful necklace, consisting of a thin chain of mithril, hung with a small green stone carved into the likeness of a leaf. The veins of the leaf were also inlayed with mithril. She had sought it out because, for the first time in many long years, she felt she might have some use for it.

Her conversation with Elladan the night before had given her the determination to go through with attending the Merendë Enyalië with Kallindo. And now that she had firmly made her mind up on the matter, she decided that she might as well do it right. It had been some time before she had spruced herself up for a festival, but she was confident that she could still remember how.

Now that she had found the necklace, and reassured herself that something could be done with her hair, the only other issue to tackle was the dress. She had a few nice dresses, but most of them were rather old, and had seen too many dances and feasts. There was one that could perhaps be dolled up, but for the first time in quite a while she felt the urge to get something new. With this determination she withdrew several coins from her keep and departed her flet. As a handmaiden and charge of the Lady Galadriel she had access to anything she might need, but Oloriel would not think of accepting aid for finery. She would buy a new dress for herself with her own money. She knew that Írima was acquainted with a good seamstress, so she decided to seek her out first.

On the way there she passed by many other elves, some of whom she was acquainted with. She paused along the path several times to exchange greetings and pleasantries with them. Finally she turned off the main paths to head toward Írima's flet. She was half way there when she ran into none other than Kallindo. He seemed to be hurrying somewhere, but he slowed down immediately when he saw Oloriel.

"Quel amrun, Aiwë! Mae govannen {Good morning, Aiwë! Well met.}," He said cheerily.

"Vedui {greetings}" she replied. "And where are you off to so quickly?"

"Patrol duty on the northern border. Voronwë asked me to trade shifts with him, and I was just on my way to your flet to ask if we could put off our training session for today. I will not be back until rather late in the evening." Kallindo raised his brows in question.

"It is fine, Kallindo; this will be my day off, and we will practice tomorrow."

Kallindo nodded his head slightly, showing he had heard, but instead of heading toward the north he just stood there for a moment looking at her. He took in her new appearance. It had been months since he had seen her hair down like this. And the intense red of the dress she wore brought out the color of her cheeks and contrasted well with her pale skin. Slowly, almost unconsciously, he reached out a hand and touched the ribboned braid that came down from her temple.

"Lle thia-bain sen aur {You look(1) beautiful this morning}" he whispered.

Oloriel was trying desperately to remain calm. She decided that the best way to take control of the situation was to get them both back on familiar ground. She raised an eyebrow and shot back, "Are you implying that I don't look beautiful every morning?"

A smile crept across Kallindo's face; he let his hand fall to his side. "N'uma, i'hiril ná uir bain {No, the lady is ever beautiful}."

Before he had the chance to continue his flattering words, Oloriel broke in. "Should you not be heading on your way? I would hate to be the cause of your tardiness. The Captain of the Guard would hardly approve."

Kallindo nodded briskly, "Aye, I should be going."

He took as step forward, and then, before she could stop him, he kissed her on the cheek, and whispered, "Tenna' tul're {Until tomorrow}." With that he strode off into the maze of trees.

Turning abruptly to watch his retreating form, Oloriel managed to squeak out, "Quel fara {good hunting}."

Slowly she raised her hand to the place where Kallindo had kissed her. She could feel a blush rising up beneath her fingers. For several seconds she had to resist the urge to scrub the last vestiges of the disturbing kiss off her cheek. As she stood there, stunned, her mind was trying desperately to decide whether she should be pleased or infuriated. In the end she settled on being annoyed and flustered.

"Elladan, you've done it again." She whispered under her breath, "I'm sure this is entirely your fault. When I agreed to your plan you never told me what kind of information I'd be gathering."

With that said she huffed off toward Írima's home.


Arwen had invited Elladan and Elrohir to share a late breakfast with her in her private chambers. They had finished eating some time ago, and were now sitting around the table outside in the bright sunshine. Elrohir was presently in the middle of reciting a tale of his recent romantic misadventure.

"And so, after finally arranging a way in which I could just `happen to run into' the girl, and after spending the last hour and a half constructing - and rehearsing - all the things that I would say, I set off on my quest in a fairly amiable mood. I went to the stables to get my horse, and while I was there, who should I run into but Anarseldo, grinning like an elf-ling with a new toy. I would have ignored him if I could, so intent was I on my mission, but he accosted me and insisted on sharing his wonderful bit of news. As it turns out, Lady Arinel had, that very morning, agreed to let him court her. After informing me of this, he went on for the next fifteen minutes praising her beauty and intelligence and kindness and every other venerable quality under the sun, and all I could do was stand there, with a smile on my face, pretending like I was happy for him!"

Elladan chuckled, "So Lady Arinel is out of your reach then? You waited too long brother, you always do."

"Well at least I'm trying." Elrohir shot back.

Arwen began laughing merrily. "You are both pitiful in my opinion. I mean really, the two of you continually call me laes gwathel {baby sister}, but I am the only one among us who has a blossoming love life. I suppose the two of you just late bloomers."

The twins turned identical pairs of glowering eyes on her. She smiled merrily back, thoroughly immune to their burning gaze. Finally Elladan broke the staring contest.

"Actually, I may not be blooming as late as you believe. I think I shall even shock Elladan when I inform you of my news." There was silence for several moments.

"You didn't?" Elrohir questioned. His eyes widened in disbelief as he took in his brother's calm demeanor. "You did! Why, even I didn't think my powers of persuasion were that good."

"What has he done?" inquired Arwen.

Elrohir took another look at his brother and then, smiling, replied, "He's asked Lady Lúnyellë to attend the Merendë Enyalië with him."

"And," Elladan added, "She has accepted."

Arwen turned appraising eyes on Elladan. "Lúnyellë is a lovely woman, and very clever I hear. I didn't know she was clever enough to catch you, though."

Elladan rolled his eyes. "Lady Lúnyellë has not caught me yet, sister. But I'll admit she has intrigued me. We'll see what happens."

Elrohir was about to begin praising his own talents as a matchmaker, when suddenly Elladan's hand jerked, knocking a glass, and a bowl of fruit on the ground. Elrohir scooted back from the table just in time to miss being drenched with grape juice.

"Brother, what in all of Arda - "

"Elladan!" Arwen gasped. Her brother's eyes seemed to have frosted over. She grabbed his arm to steady him as he slumped forward in his chair slightly.

Elladan was experiencing the same sensations that had come upon him several days ago in his father's library. A slight rushing in his ears, a throbbing in his chest, and then a voice - an undeniably feminine voice. //Elladan, you've done it again. I'm sure this is entirely your fault. When I agreed to your plan you never told me what kind of information I'd be gathering.// Slowly the world began to come back into focus. He took in a shaky breath, and then raised bewildered eyes to his siblings, who were standing over him.

"It happened again. I had forgotten it, passed it off as a delusion, but it happened again."

Elrohir looked confusedly at his sister, then back at his twin. "What happened again?"

Elladan sighed. It seemed that he had quite a bit of explaining to do.


Elrond stood at the casement with a look of concentration on his face. It was known to many that the half-elf had the gift of foresight, but what was not generally known was how infuriating this gift could be.

All morning he had been plagued with a sense of foreboding, a sense that there was something that he should know, but that he could not quite make out; it continually remained just beyond the edge of his consciousness. He was bending all of his thought toward it now: stretching out his mind, sending his senses to their furthest reach. After several minutes he was still coming up empty handed. Exasperated, he was about to give up the search when suddenly a flash of light seemed to pass before his eyes. His mind became filled with a vision of three riders, speeding along a road. The riders were clearly Elven, and they seemed to be fleeing from some evil. Elrond was able to glimpse enough of their surroundings to ascertain that they were travelling on the East-West road toward Imladris, but were still at least an hour from reaching the Ford. As he came to this realization the vision ending.

The intensity of the vision suggested that what he had seen was very soon at hand. There was just enough time to send aid. With a determined stride Elrond left his study and made for his daughter's quarters, where he suspected all of his children would still be gathered.

When he entered his daughter's chambers he heard the voices of his children out on the balcony. As he made his way across the inner room, the words they were speaking began to come clear to him. He could here Arwen whisper, "Perhaps now you should speak to ada {father, informal} of this," and then he heard Elladan reply, "No... no, not yet." Under normal circumstances Elrond would have been quite intrigued by this snippet of conversation, but at present he simply did not have the time to think on it.

"Elladan, Elrohir, you're assistance is required," he said, as he stepped through the curtains into the sun.

Elrohir stood up quickly, "Yes father, how can we be of service?"

"There is a party of three Elves riding hard toward Imladris. They appear to be in some sort of danger. I ask you to take a party out to meet them and insure their safe arrival. They will most likely be coming along the East road, but it is not certain - they may be driven off the road. You would do good to send word to the patrols along the western border and alert them of the situation."

"It shall be done father." It was Elladan who spoke now. "Elrohir and I will both go, and we will take along Pantaquárre, for he has some knowledge of the healing arts."

"Well chosen. You must leave as soon as possible. Go prepare yourself and collect what weapons you will need. I will send word to the stables to have three horses readied for you."

With that, the small family circle split, with Elladan and Elrohir racing to their rooms, their father going off in search of a servant, and their sister remaining to pick up stray pieces of fruit from the bowl that Elladan had knocked off the table.


It had been almost two hours since Arwen's brothers had left the hidden valley of Imladris. The time had not been spent idly. In the absence of a mother, Arwen had learned early on how to tackle the responsibility of running a household. She had sent word down to the healers to prepare themselves for service, and had taken a hand with her maidens in preparing three guestrooms. The cooks had also been instructed to stoke up their fires, to provide a repast for the weary travelers. Everything now sat in readiness; she had the gates of the city flung open to await her brothers' return. And there she stood, expectantly.

`Always they go, and always I wait.' She thought distractedly. `I wonder which one takes more courage.'

Finally, after the sun had begun to sink from its zenith, the steady drumbeat of hooves began to softly reverberate through the valley. Soon she began to catch glimpses of galloping horses through the leaves.

Elrohir was the first to make it back through the gates of the city. In front of him, almost lying across his horse, he supported an injured elleth {she-elf} with his left arm. She appeared to have an arrow protruding from her right thigh. With each bounce of the horse's gait she winced with suppressed pain. As he brought his mount to a halt, Elrohir gracefully leapt to the ground and gently lowered the maiden off of the horse. She attempted to put pressure on her right leg, but it was a futile attempt, the searing pain that shot up through her thigh was unbearable. With no regard for her protests, Elrohir swept her softly up into his arms.

"Brother, come!" Arwen commanded. "I have had the healers prepare a room for the injured. This way."

With a short nod Elrohir followed his sister up one of Imladris' many stairways. Behind them the rest of the party were dismounting. Two foreign elves spied Elrohir, carrying the lady, and quickly followed after him, along with Pantaquárre. Elladan watched them go. As much as he would have liked to join them, he knew that he should make sure that the horses were taken care of first. He was about to turn away and head for the stables when a flash of yellow caught his attention; it was Arwen's dress. She had turned on her way to the healing house; quickly she caught his eye and smiled. In that brief gaze she said all that was needed.

"Thank you for coming back to me."


Elladan flopped rather unceremoniously onto his bed. He let out a pleased sigh as he felt himself sink into the soft mattress. This day had certainly been an interesting one. The skirmish with the orcs that had been pursuing the three strange elves that morning had certainly worn him out a little bit. But the paperwork that his father had put him to this afternoon had been far more draining. His hand still felt slightly cramped from the endless scrawling of a pen.

And yet, despite his physical fatigue, his mind was still racing. He could not push the events of the morning out of his mind. He had heard her voice again; and he was sure it was her voice. `But how could that be?' he wondered anxiously. Everything about Oloriel confused him. None of this should be happening.

He lay there musing over this new mystery for some time. Sleepiness was beginning to tug at his mind, he wanted to surrender to it, but a stirring in the room behind him brought his attention back into focus.

"Elladan," the voice whispered.

His whole body tensed at the sound of that voice. `Is it happening again?' he wondered. Slowly he turned on the bed, and there, standing inside the doorway to his room, was Oloriel. He blinked his eyes several times. `Perhaps I'm going insane. Now I not only hear voices, but see visions.'

She looked curiously at him. "What is wrong, Elladan? Why do you look at me so?"

Should he reply to this vision? Perhaps if he ignored it, it would vanish.

Oloriel was growing uncomfortable under his scrutinizing gaze. She tried to introduce a new topic of discussion. "This is certainly an odd dream. I have never be here before."

Elladan blinked. "A dream? Are we dreaming?"

Oloriel laughed. "Why yes of course we are - I'm here aren't I?"

"But this is my room. I wasn't even aware that I had fallen asleep."

Oloriel's brow furrowed in confusion. "How could I be dreaming of your room. I've never seen it before."

Elladan's mind was slowly starting to reconcile itself with this new confusion. "Perhaps..." he mused out loud, "Perhaps it is my dream now. After all," he flashed her a bright smile, "You can't have all the fun, now can you?"

She smirked back at him. "Well, at least it's a nice room. You have good taste in furniture."

"Thank you," Elladan replied, as he got up off his bed and walked over to the fireplace, which was flanked by two, comfortable-looking chairs. "And this chair," he continued, patting one of them on the backrest, "happens to be a very tasteful chair, so why don't you take a seat here."

Oloriel complied. Elladan sat in the chair across from her, and rubbed his face with his hands.

"Oloriel," he began, "You are having a very detrimental effect on my sense of reality."

"My lord?"

"Not only do you invade my dreams, but you are starting to invade my waking world, and starting to confuse the line between the two. Why, this very morning, I could have sworn I heard your voice when I was sitting at the breakfast table. I think perhaps that I'm going insane. Can elves even go insane?" He favored her with an adorably exasperated look.

"You... you heard my voice?" she inquired.

"Yes. You said... now what was it... ah yes, you said that something was entirely my fault, and that, when you had agreed to my plan... you did not know what kind of information you would be gather."

Oloriel's face paled visibly. Her hand came up to her mouth in shock. "I said that... I did say that... right after Kallindo kissed me on the cheek. I was flustered, and all I could think was that you had gotten me into trouble again." She looked up and met Elladan's eyes. "And now that I think on it, there was also a time when I seemed to hear a voice. It was right before Írima gave birth. I think there were two male voices, and they were saying something about swooning and... and green eyes(2). Oh, but that doesn't make any sense, does it?"

Elladan could feel his cheeks color slightly. It made perfect sense to him. He could still remember Elrohir urging him not to fall for the dream maiden. He was glad that she didn't seem to remember any more of the conversation. The only reply he would give her was, "It makes sense to me. It sounds very much like a conversation that my brother and I had."

"What does it all mean?" Oloriel's eyes had become wells of confusion. She seemed to be pleading, begging him for an answer. The anxiety in her seemed to be pouring out in waves.

As he looked into those eyes he forgot what she had asked him, he even forgot what they had been speaking about. His whole world was spinning in those green orbs, and the only thought on his mind was wondering how he could light them up with joy again. He felt the sudden urge to wrap her up in his arms, and kiss the eyelids that protected those tremulous eyes - kiss them until the eyes beneath began to sparkle again. He almost reached out to touch her, when his mind snapped back into gear. He started a little and sat back quickly in his chair. He lowered his eyes from hers, and the spell was broken. The world came crashing back in on him, and for several moments he had to concentrate solely on getting enough air into his lungs.

`What did she ask me?' His mind racked through the memory of the past moments. His turbulent thoughts came out in words. "I don't know."

Thankfully, this seemed to be the right response to her question, for she let out a small sigh and whispered, "Neither do I. I suppose that only Ilúvatar {God/Eru} does."

For several minutes they sat in silence, not quite sure how to proceed from here. Finally Elladan decided that they needed to get their minds on other subjects.

"So, he kissed you, did he?"

Oloriel cocked an impudent eyebrow at him. Trying to make light of the situation, she replied, "Aye. That's more than you've got from your lady, I'll wager."

Elladan smirked at the veiled challenge. "Are you implying that a lady would not want to kiss or be kissed by me?"

Oloriel's eyes sparkled. "No comment."

Elladan's mind heaved a sigh of relief. Her eyes were full of life again.


1. The Sindarin word `thia-'more literally translates as "appear". It was the closest word I could find for the idea I was trying to get at.
2. This is what Oloriel over-heard: Elrohir - "I tell you this now, brother, in all seriousness: do not swoon over 'green eyes' - she's not really there." Elladan - "I know."

Names to Know:

Oloriel: "dream daughter"
Kallindo: "noble heart"
Arinel: "morning star"
Lúnyellë (loon-YELL-ey): "blue bell"
Voronwë: "steadfast"
Pantamá (PAHN-tah-ma): "open hand"

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