Through The Darkness - Prologue

The full glass moon hung high in the sky, framed by the Elven stars. Every now and then a lone cloud drifted across the moon, casting shade upon the valley below. Sammie gazed at the valley from the cliff she stood upon. Her green eyes slowly moved to take in the bordering mountains across the valley with their peaks illuminated in moonlight and their feet shrouded in darkness and shadow. Sammie lifted her eyes to the east, which lay peaceful and dormant with no sign of the evil that had previously dwelt there. She let out a little sigh as her eyes rested on the walls of the white city, her heart aching for those who had once dwelled in those halls. She could see their faces, as clear as day, yet they were only memories, visions of what once had been. Sammie let out a small cry as the white walls faded into the dark mountainside as her memory receded to reality. She hung her head as her heart cried out for those she lost. She was home, she knew that, but it wasn't the home she knew. It was the wrong time, but the same place and it was all she had left, save for a few trinkets and her memories. Sammie gazed longingly around the valley one more time. She slowly turned and faded away from the valley, leaving only a bare rock where she had stood.
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