Three ring to the Elven kings , or was it six rings maybe??? - Prologue

Author's note: Ok , this is my first story , and I apologize for all the mistakes in it. Hope it's not too horrible , cause God hasn't given me the talent of writing.

"So , have you all paid attention?" asked Madame Lucie. Sara snapped out of a daydream , as did the two boys. "Well?" asked Madame Lucie again.

"Yeah! Sure!

"Of course!"

"No doubt about that!" came the answers.

"Good! Very good!" The old lady was happy. "Then I don't have to worry about sending you three. You are the right ones!"
What the hell was the old women talking about? Sara looked at Spike and Andy. None of them had got the point.

"So , I presume you are ready then." The women clapped her hands and continued ," Good luck to you all! And whatever you do , don't lose the jewellery!"
The children nodded although they didn't understand why. She looked at them and sighed. Spike noticed tears in here eyes. What the hell?? he thought. And suddenly they all felt how Madame Lucie hugged them.
Now what's wrong in this picture?? thought Sara.
Finally the old lady removed her arms and stepped a few steps back.
Madame Lucie raised sniffling her hands and spoke:" Oh great Valars! Bless these young chosen ones and protect them on their dangerous journey!"

"Ok , sorry , but would somebody explain me , what's going on here??" Andy finally asked.

But it was too late. Madame Lucie had already said the spell . Everything around the children was glowing white and they couldn't see anything except the shadows .
The last thing Sara remembered , was someone stumbling over her and then all went black.

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