Then There Were Ten - Chapter #1 The Daughter of the Stars Rides To Rivendell

3,000 years after the war against Sauron's armies, darkness began to creep back into the world. For the Dark Tower, Barad-Dur, had been rebuilt, in the land of Mordor. the Dark Lord was searching for his One Ring. Which he must never find.

Sally knew this, as did evey other Elf in Middle-earth. That is why she was riding to Rivendell. She wanted the council of her Uncle, Lord Elrond.

She rode into Rivendell. Elrond greeted her. "[Welcome, Lady Sally. What has brought you to Rivndell Today]"?

"[I have come to seek your council, my dear Uncle]". Sally said, as she jumped off her horse.

"[Well come. We'll talk over breakfast]".

Elrond started to turn. "[I don't have the time. Nazgul have left the Shire. The tower of Barad-Dur has been rebuilt. Sauron is searching for his One Ring. I believe it has been found]".

"[Found! Where? By whom]"?

"[I don't have any answers. But I believe I know where it might be. I believe someone in the Shire has found it]".

"[Perhaps Bilbo can help us with this matter]".

They rushed over to Bilbo's little Hobbit hole. "Bilbo"! Elrond called, rushing into the Hobbit hole.

"Yes? Did you stop by for some tea"? Bilbo asked.

"Afraid not, Bilbo. We came to ask some questions", Elrond said. "Did you ever own a magic ring. And this is very important. The fate of Middle-Earth may depend on what you say".

"Why yes, I did. I gave it to Frodo, when I left the shire. Why? What is its importance"?

"What did it look like", Sally asked?

"Why, Lady Sally, I didn't know that you were here. But, it looked like a plain golden ring". Bilbo answered.

"Orc spit! I must be heading to the Shire. Frodo will be needing my help". Slly began for the door.

The door opened, before she even toughed it. "That won't be nessesary, Sally". Gandalf said, walking in. "Frodo, and a friend, have already set out form the Shire. They are heading for the Prancing Pony, in Bree. Aragorn is heading there to pick them up".

"Well, does Aragorn know that Nazgul are in the Shire"?

"I don't believe so".

"Then I must go. One Ranger, and a few Hobbits, are no match for the Nazgul. Aragorn will be needing help". Sally walked outside, and whistled. Her horse, Earelen (Seastar), came trotting to her side. Sally jumped onto Earelen's back. "I shall return soon".

Sally turned Earelen, and set out for Bree.

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