The Young Eldar - Part 2-The Last Nazgul

The celebration went on well into the night. Andon, Gillian, and Seredron went missing for a while. Astrid seemed to believe that Rhiannon and Eldarion knew what they were up to when they pulled her out of the main group to go up to the inner circle of the city.

However, it seemed that the joke wasn't on the was on Rhiannon. They were going to make her work for the horse they'd given her. The three were chacing the horses out of the stables.

"What are you three doing?" Eldarion called out to them. "You should know better than to be letting out all the horses, especially the elven ones and Rhiannon's! Get them back in there now you idiots!"

"What do you think we're doing!" Andon called back, clearly exausted. "We didn't let them out! Some man from out of the city did, not us!.

"We've been trying to get them back in, but they keep getting scared for no reason." Seredron yelled angerly.

One of the horses ran straight at Astrid, Eldarion tried to push her out of the way, but she stook rock solid. The horse, Rhiannon's Rhirrim, stoped just short of her.

"It's all right." she whispered. "It's all right."

Ice froze them in their shoes. The horses burst away from them in all directions. None went after them. A fell creature of the night dove at them.

It had no feathers, but it's head seemed to be a part of it's extreemly long neck. The tail was just as large and powerful. On it rode a man, or so he seemed, clothed in pure black, sword aimed for Andon's heart.

Astrid fought the urge to run away like the horses. Instead, she pushed the poor sheepheard out of the way, yet she still didn't move fast enough. Just as Astrid began to take herself out of the way, the blade sliced deep into her side, thinly scratched her middle, and cut deeply again into her other side.

The solders of the gaurd saw the beast and it's rider, and they took up bows and speard to bombard the thing. With pain in it's own side, the flying thing darted away in hatred.

A group of solders came to help them, and when they examined the wounds on Astrid no blood showed. In place of the blood, was a long line of torn, sickly blue flesh. Black lines spidered away from the cut in poisioned veigns near the surface of her skin.

The head of the Houses of Healing had not seen anything like this befor. Legolas and Aragorn darted in the room as fast as they could to see what had happened. Both stoped dead in their tracks as they saw her.

Aragorn turned to one of the solders near by. "You have seen what the athelas can do. It can help this as well. Get as much as you can find, now!" he said and turned back to the others.

"I saw the beast, but I didn't guess that it carried a Nazgul on it's back." whispered Legolas. He went to her side, and laid a hand on her head. He whispered in softer words that none there could understand except for Arwen.

She had come in just as the solder did with the king's foil. She two ran to aid Legolas as best she could with the spell.

Astrid began to struggle then screemed in a shrill cry, "NO! NOOO!"

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