The Wrath of the Underworld Queen - Chapter 1

It was a cold December night Annaliese was 6 years old. Her family was around the house doing different things. Her mother was reading a book near the fire. Her father was practicing his fencing skills. They had all just eaten dinner and all were about to go to bed. Then all of the sudden there was a loud bang on the door.

"Who is it?", her mother cried.

"Just open the door and you will see.", said the strange person.

Frightened, her mother told annaliese to hide under the bed. Annaliese's father opened the door. Out of no where an orc flies through the door. He takes one of her father's swords and asks her father if he has the ring. Her father replies that he doesn't know where it is or who has it. The orc gets frustrated and stabs her father through his chest. Annaliese began to cry, but stayed as silent as possible. Her father fell, his eyes looking into hers then slowly they closed. Annaliese's mother was on the bed shaken and didnt know what to do. The orc jumped on her and stabbed her through her stomach. The sword went throught the bed and barely missed annaliese. Before the orcs left they searched the house to make sure that there was no one left in the house and if the ring was hidden somewhere. Annaliese caught a good glimpse of the orcs. The orcs saw no one was left... or so they thought.
6 years later Annaliese in that time had become a fencing, and swording master. She graduated a school of defense skills, a place where it usually takes the average person 10-15 years to graduate. Annaliese thought it was time to pay a couple of orcs a visit. Annaliese through different sources found the 2 orcs who killed her family. In the middle of the night she broke down the door, and stabbed the first orc in the head. The other orc was the one who killed her mother and father. She jumped on him.

"Do I look familiar"?, she asked.
Before he could answer she shoved the sword through his heart. She was so suprised that she had actually gone through with this whole thing. This gives Annaliese the urge to kill more.

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