The Vision_The Quest - Chapter 12: Abandoned


She waited. But Darkness did not come. Though no breath she had, her soul still thrived, her eyes still blinked. The coldness of the Dragon blood melted away. She shivered as warmth swept through her. Anyaelia gasped again as her heart began to thump wildly in her chest, all that was frozen was revived.

She lifted her hand tiredly from the ground, and pushed herself up slowly. There was no noise but the soft tinkle of the Silmaril shard clanging against the Sunfire. The Silmaril... Anyaelia gently touched the Jewel, its warmth burning her fingertips. The Jewel shall give you the power you need during the darkest of hours The memory echoed voicelessly through her mind.

She had not died. But was saved by the flowing light of the Two Trees. Around her, rocks, trees, and grass was splashed with Ice, the blood of the Dragon. Anyaelia's eyes fell upon Carangurth, who's body lay still in the shade. A pool of frozen blood surrounded him. Anyaelia glided slowly across the blood, careful to not slip, or crack the ice. She took hold of Abelenar's hilt and pulled it quickly from the Dragon's underbelly.

More blood spurted forth, but none reached where she stood. Anyaelia had expected to find the blade useless, covered in the thickness of ice, unusable. But the blade held nothing but its own light, its own power. Somehow... deflecting all that came to dwell upon the blade. Her hand shook as she sheathed the blade slowly, and came to remember that of the Fellowship. Were they safe? Had everything come to an end? Did Boromir seize the Ring?

With a last disgusted look at Carangurth's body, she fled through the Glade.

* * * * * * * * * *

"And what of Anyaelia?! Do you suppose that we should leave her?"

"Legolas, we must accept that she has not lived..."

"There was no evidence! No body!" Legolas replied, his eyes flickering angrily to Aragorn.

"We cannot condemn Merry and Pippin to death!" Aragorn cried angrily, "You know of this! And we cannot wait any longer to see if she returns... if she is still alive. We must leave now!"

Legolas lowered his head silently Aragorn's eyes flashed to Gimli who raised his hands, "I do not wish to be involved." He grumbled.

Aragorn turned from them, and started back into the forest, Gimli followed after him, fingering his axe slightly. He stopped at the threshhold and looked back, "Legolas?"

Legolas stared across the Anduin at the boat that had taken Frodo and Sam across. "I am sorry, Anyaelia." He whispered and tore himself away, running quickly towards Gimli and the glade.

* * * * * * * * * *

Breathing heavily she finally found her way back to the camp. Only one boat remained, and there was no evidence of anyone around. They had left without her. She fell to her knees tiredly, confused of what to do next. Her eyes flickered across the last Elven boat thoughtfully. Should she take the last boat, and return to Lothlórien, perhaps it had not meant to be for her to coninue on...

Author's Note: Yes... I know.... short.... sorry ,-,

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