The Vision Stone

Cunning one, so great and proud,
What lauds and praises have been heard of you!
What honor and accordance to your wisdom is given!
You are known as a Master of Many that is Secret and Hidden, but I claim thee a fool.

Your greatness is wasted upon these mortal passings,
Your skill in the Hidden Arts is tarnished and dulled
By your musings with the "free people".
They chain you!
They use you!
The take your mind as a dog takes its tail:
But for wagging to hide their fangs.

But I see your strength and your power,
I know your desire to become remembered;
Take my honor and respect for your true ascendance,
From that of a little White Man,
Ye shall become Rightful Lord of the "Free Peoples"!

Ye know this to be true, my new friend,
Ye know these words are of truth...
You are wiser than others deem you,
You are older than the Elves for your power,
Use it,
Wield it with impunity,
Knowing that I am with you,
You shall conquer them all.

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