The Vision - Chapter 9--Unforgiving News

Unforgiving News

Anyaelia and Legolas turned towards the doorway, searching for the stranger who had spoken, but their eyes only met shadows.

Pain streaked through Anyaelia's head and she bent over, her palms pressing against her forehead. As quickly as it had begun, the pain subsided.

Memories of her past filled her thoughts, she could remember everything, including her recent dreams. She sat for a moment, reminiscing, until she remembered her visitor. She looked up at Legolas, his face was filled with worry.

" you remember now, anything?"

Anyaelia smiled at him and nodded, she crawled out of the bed. As she stood, her legs almost gave way, and she held onto the bed post for support.

She stood for a moment, waiting for her legs to get used to her body weight. Then she let go of the post and started towards where Legolas was standing.

As she drew nearer her legs gave way and she fell into Legolas's arms. He stood her up and held her close, his arms surrounding her. She kissed him passionately and they stood staring into each other's eyes, sharing each other's thoughts.

"Anyaelia, before, when you were unconcience, you spoke in your sleep. You said something about leaving Middle-earth. Do you recall your dream at all?"

Anyaelia frowned, thinking, then it came to her. She could not tell Legolas her dream, for it could change the course of their future.

"Nay, I do not remember it at all."

"It is fine, though I have to inform you. You are obliged to attend a meeting today, I shall join you."

Anyaelia nodded her head and kissed him again.


Legolas and Anyaelia walked into the Hall of Fire, it seemed smaller for it was lit with sunlight. In the middle of the Hall stood a table, chairs surrounded it. Some of the seats were already filled, one of them including Estel.

Legolas and Anyaelia took two seats next to each other, they held each other's hands under the table, for support. Anyaelia watched as other's entered the Hall; Gandalf and Frodo. Elrond and Cereduil followed behind, Anyaelia was puzzled, why was this meeting so important?

They took their desired seats and Elrond cleared his throat.

"Good Morning to all, I trust you slept well for their are important matters to be discussed today. Cereduil, you may begin."

Anyaelia stared at her father, impatiently waiting for what he had to say.

"What I have to say deals partly with the Shadow in the East, but also to the fact that the time of the Elves are over. I have spoken to many, and we have decided to leave and sail into the West."

Anyaelia could not hold on any longer, she had to say something.

"Atar! You cannot do this to me! You cannot make me leave my home in which i love so dearly!"

Cereduil stared at his daughter silently, he glanced at Elrond, he nodded.

"Anyaelia, I was going to leave this until last, but, I can see that it cannot wait. Me and Naneth are not forcing you to come with us, we are giving you a choice. There is also something else I need to speak to you about. After the incident that happened with you at the Council, a decision was made about the Ring. A Fellowship was formed to take the Ring into the land of Mordor to be destroyed. Legolas, is part of that group, and if you wish, you can as well."

Anyaelia hung her head, she could not believe what she was just told. But she knew, deep in her heart, what her decision was. She glanced at Legolas and he smiled at her, then her attention was drawn to her father.

"Atar, I will not go with into the West, I am sorry. But I will travel to the East with the Fellowship. Also it will give me a chance to fulfill my heart's desire, to see more of Middle-Earth. Whether I die or not."

The table grew silent, and the air became still. Her father had a pained expression etched across his face. Anyaelia bit he lip, regretting what she had said, she did not mean for it to sound so harsh.

Through thin lips Cereduil spoke.

"Then it shall be as you decided."


Anyaelia stood on her balcony watching the sunset. She had earlier departed from Legolas on good terms, he was joyful to know she was to join the quest. Her father though remained silent, making Anyaelia feel worse.

Tears streamed down her face as she tried to imagine her life without her parents. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. She could not think like that, she would see her parents again, in time.

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