The Undying Lands - (part 21)

Nieninque heard a scream of pain from where Ariengil was and knew that she must help her. As she ran, Nieninque tripped and cut her hand. It was exceedingly painful and in normal circumstances, she would have sat by herself and cried. In this case, she knew Ariengil was in danger of dying and so she ran, crying to Ariengil.
Nieninque's tears dropped to Ariengil's wound as Nieninque leant over her. The tears fell quickly and landed in the centre of the wound. The liquid spread rapidly and faded to be the colour of Ariengil's skin. Everyone watching, with the exception of Nieninque and Nárfin, gasped. The liquid then began the process of which it had healed the man before- it started pushing blood, dirt and the arrow out of the wound.
Mereth was holding the bottle of tears by now, for it had dropped to the floor. Nieninque had healed Ariengil, but she could not stop crying. She cried and cried and tears fell to the floor and flowers sprung forth. Quickly, Mereth held the bottle under Nieninque's eyes and collected the tears.
Ariengil sat up slowly and everyone except for Nieninque turned to her. Nieninque looked the other way and buried her face in her hands. Ariengil took hold of Nieninque's shoulders and turned the strange elf to face her. Nieninque did so reluctantly and looked into Ariengil's eyes.
What she saw there was sincerity, thanks and friendship. Suddenly Ariengil grabbed hold of Nieninque and pulled her close and hugged her for a long time. Everyone else smiled and joined in. Soon they were all hugging and laughing as they fell over. Nieninque was incredibly happy- she had never had friends before, and these people were amazing. Bubbling with happiness, she gave each person a kiss and said sorry.
She turned to Mereth last and suddenly felt embarrassed. She blushed and turned away. Mereth, though, kissed Nieninque instead and she felt even happier than before. Happiness flowed through her and she felt very warm inside.
Everyone was laughing, hugging and kissing each other's cheeks- all the friends were together once more. Nárfin was becoming acquainted to Dînhith, and Ariengil to Tiuka, the elf who had arrived with Dînhith. Ariengil found her fairly annoying- she talked too much and was very rude; and Ariengil felt jealous of Dînhith's new friend. Ariengil decided that Tiuka was rude when the first thing that she said to Ariengil was, `You looked really funny when you were lying down there, almost dead!' Although it was meant to be a joke, it wasn't funny.
But Thaliondil had quickly stood up for Ariengil and said roughly, `Ariengil could never look funny, unlike you.' He did have a point, even if he was being mean, for Tiuka had a strange mark on her face- a dark, brown smudge, presumably a birthmark. She had curly hair and looked a little like a dwarf, Thaliondil mentioned to Ariengil later.
Everyone was sitting around for a while, laughing and joking until suddenly there was a crash as fifteen archers ran into the clearing and pointed their bows at the group. The fifteen were strange beings, similar to elves at a first glance, but they wore strange garments which looked very much like what orcs wore. They were not orcs though, but they were not elves. They spoke roughly and in a spitting tongue. Their skin was dark and slightly grey, but not as dark as orcs. One creature, presumably the leader, shouted, `Tie them up, but make sure they can march.' Before anyone had a chance to do anything, there were at least another twenty warriors, who ran out and approached slowly, clutching strong ropes and laughing wickedly.
`Right, listen to me, scum,' spat the leader, `you are our prisoners. You will do as we say or will die- one at a time, slowly.' As he turned away, the girls looked at each other and then at Nieninque.
Nieninque, knowing what she had to do, shouted, `Behind you!' All the archers turned around for a second, then turned back again gruffly shouting at the girls. But it was enough time for Nieninque. In that second, she had vanished and was hiding somewhere nearby.
`Which one of you was that? Who shouted? Speak. Now! I know it was one of you she-elves.' No one spoke up, so the creature called to three of his commanders and they ran up quickly. `One of these pretty creatures is a little restless. We will each claim our bride then get moving. Ready?' All four creatures grunted and nodded then suddenly ran forward with their heads down.
The creatures that were watching seemed to think this was entertainment and started grunting and cheering as the four in the centre started to attack each other. One fell over and a spectator pulled him backwards and made him sit on the outside. A second fell and was pulled back by another spectator.
Only two creatures were left and the fight was violent. Ariengil felt sick and looked away, only to see a warrior approaching her. He took her head in his hands, kissed her lips and turned her back again. `You have to watch your future husband sweetheart!' he cackled.
Harma jumped up and ran towards the creature that had just kissed his love, only to be hit between the shoulders and collapsed to the floor. Ariengil watched the fight with tears in her eyes and prayed that Harma was okay.
The fight ended as the leader scratched the last creature standing in the eye and it fell to the floor. He raised his hands above his heads with clenched fists and grunted. The army surrounding the clearing grunted and slapped their knees then jumped once.
`Do you know what that means lovelies?' asked the disgusting chief to the girls. With no answer, he continued. `It means I can pick my bride now,' he laughed gleefully. `Graschnack, line them up.' The creature, which had kissed Ariengil, picked her up and Nárfin too. He took them towards the leader and made them stand. As he turned around, he placed his hand on Ariengil's posterior and laughed as she whipped around to slap him. The leader, however, grabbed Ariengil and did as Graschnack had done.
Harma was beside himself in rage and had to be held down by three creatures to stop himself from jumping up. Graschnack returned and took Dînhith to the front. Dînhith walked reluctantly, but held her head high and stood next to Ariengil. As Graschnack returned to Tiuka, he laughed and called for two friends. `Help me here, pals! I can't bear to look at this!' he snorted. Tiuka stood up quickly and walked swiftly to stand next to Dînhith. She had tears pouring from her eyes, but tried not to show them.
`Right then!' cackled the leader as he paced up and down the line. `I'll have this one!' he laughed as he grabbed Ariengil's arm, spun her in a circle and pulled her into his arms. He leant sideways so that Ariengil was leaning on his arm and only just balancing on tiptoes, and then kissed her. She spluttered and coughed as he brought her up again. He then danced away, dragging her with him. The creatures all laughed, but the elves were ecstatic- *how dare he touch a Lady like that, especially one of these girls?*
The creature who came second now waltzed up and went straight to Dînhith. He ran his hands from Dînhith's shoulders, down her arms, her thighs and down to the floor. He then slapped the floor twice, howled like a wolf and stood up. Grabbing Dînhith, he carried her to the side as she shook.
The next creature came up, panting like a dog with his tongue out. All the spectators found this very funny and started panting too. Nárfin knew she would be picked and so she drew herself up and stepped forward. The creature took Nárfin's arm and kissed it as she shook. `You are mine now, Miss Charming!' he giggled.
Thaliondil stood up and shouted `No!' before he too was knocked down. As Nárfin was taken away, she flinched, for the creature had scratched her on the right side of her neck.
The last orc came up and walked all the way around Tiuka, then stepped closer and shouted, `Boo!' Tiuka screamed, but then struck out her fist in anger. She hit the creature on his nose and a loud click was heard- it was broken. He screamed in agony and slapped her back, leaving red lines of blood where his claws had dug in.
Once more, Tiuka struck out. This time, she hit the creature's eye and a bruise appeared rapidly. The creature drew his sword and placed it rapidly by Tiuka's neck. Suddenly it was knocked out of his hand and vanished. Then he died as a blade went through his heart.
Ariengil whispered to herself, `Go Nieninque!' but was quiet again as the leader looked at her in a devouring way.
`Eat the body if you wish- I have my own person to devour! Otherwise, clear it away,' he laughed to the army, not really noticing what had happened. `You though,' he said to Ariengil, `will be coming with me.'
The last thing that Harma heard before he was knocked out, was Ariengil screaming as she was half pulled into the depths of the forest.

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