The Undying Lands - (part 18)

There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide- the horses could not be left- so the elves could not hide up a tree or such like. Ariengil saw an orc approaching rapidly and gasped. The one she was watching stopped and drew his sword then ran towards the three. He was about fifty metres away, but at about ten metres in front of the three, he fell, blood pouring from his heart. He had been stabbed... But by whom?
There was no time to think about who had killed the orc, for more were in sight. They all shouted and growled then charged towards the three. Ariengil said her prayers to the Valar then shut her eyes- there was no way that they would survive.
Ariengil opened her eyes as she heard a funny noise- all the orcs had stopped and made noises as though they were confused.
The orcs looked directly at Ariengil, Nárfin and Orudruin, but seemed to look through them. They looked from side to side of the three, up trees, in bushes, but never seemed to acknowledge them.
Slowly one or two walked back the way they had come, then one, presumably the leader, shouted in harsh orcish something along the lines of `Let's go.' Ariengil, her heart beating so fast, had to hold Orudruin back in case he ran forward and attacked an orc.
Once the army had left, the three looked at each other. Nothing was said- nothing was needed to be said. They were all in shock and knew not why the orcs had seemed not to see them.
Ariengil, being the most observant of the three, heard a small and quiet cough but could not tell where it came from, so she said nothing in case the others thought she was strange because she was hearing things. They turned around to go back to the horses and Ariengil thought she saw a she-elf clutching her head in agony, but when she looked again, Ariengil saw nothing.
Nárfin saw her friend looking intently at nothing for the second time that day and was worried. `Arri, what is the matter?'
`Oh, nothing... nothing,' she replied sceptically.
Nárfin was about to object, but they heard a loud elf horn sounding in the direction that the orcs had run. Several screams confirmed that the orcs were being attacked, but also there were cries as elves were slain.
`Hurry, we must help,' shouted Orudruin as he ran towards the battle.
`No wait,' came a voice from the bushes. As they turned, they saw the lady that Ariengil had seen twice.
`Who are you?' asked Ariengil.
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