The Undying Lands - Nieninque (part 19)

`I'm sorry I have not shown myself to you yet. You, I am sure have seen me though, Ariengil,' said the lady.
`I have, but who are you?'
`My name is Nieninque. I have followed you for a while. I am sorry.' She was tall with amazing blonde hair which reached down to her waist. The wonderful purple dress which she wore had golden swirls starting at the bottom, then working their way upwards to the sleeves. She was the most beautiful person that the two girls had ever seen.
`That is ok, but why?' But Nieninque had no time to answer for around ten orcs had come back into the clearing- running away from the elves. They stopped as they saw the four elves and charged.
`I hope they see us this time!' shouted Orudruin gleefully, looking forward to killing a few orcs. As Ariengil looked at Nieninque, she saw her preparing herself for something. Ariengil suddenly had a feeling that Nieninque had caused the three to become invisible earlier.
`Don't please Nieninque. Let us fight,' she whispered. Nieninque looked slightly upset, but relaxed again. Orudruin had, by this time, killed half of the orcs. Ariengil ran forward with Nárfin and they killed an orc each, turned to each other and patted each other on the back.
But as Ariengil turned back to kill another orc, an arrow was shot directly at her, seemingly out of nowhere, and it hit her in her side. She was flung backwards and hit her head against a tree and was knocked very hard. Her head started to bleed.
`Ariengil!' shouted Nárfin and Orudruin in unison. Nárfin ran straight to Ariengil, but Orudruin was still fighting. In his rage, he slew the orcs more quickly and more powerfully. One after another fell to the ground, slain as Orudruin tried in vain to return to Ariengil.
Nieninque ran to Ariengil's side and was very worried. She seemed to be contemplating something, but Nárfin knew not what. In the end, Nieninque decided on what she was arguing about inside herself, and sat watching Ariengil. Nieninque now seemed sad at her decision, but it was final.
Ariengil could almost read Nieninque's mind and knew that this strange she-elf could help her, the question was- why wasn't she helping? Nieninque looked sadly at Ariengil and a tear came to her eye. She felt it there and hurriedly dug around in her cloak for a small bottle attached to a chain, containing water. She then collected the tear in the bottle and put the chain around her neck.
Ariengil watched her in agony, tears were pouring from her eyes as blood spilt from her wound. She needed Harma, where was he? Ariengil turned her head slowly towards Orudruin. There was a single orc left and they were fighting hard. Orudruin looked back at Ariengil, smiled and stabbed the orc in its heart. It screamed a horrible scream and sunk to the ground as Orudruin pulled out his sword and put it in his scabbard.
He wiped his hands on his tunic and, smiling, he stepped towards Ariengil. As he approached, he took off his bow and arrows, which were over his shoulders, so that he could kneel down.
Ariengil watched Orudruin approach and knew something bad was about to happen. All three girls watched as an orc stepped out from behind a tree, strung his bow with an arrow and shot it towards Orudruin. The blast hit him in the neck and he coughed once. Blood poured from his mouth as he turned slowly and strung his bow.
The orc was dead within two seconds, with an arrow between its eyes. Orudruin swayed to the right, then to the left and fell forwards onto his knees. He leant over Ariengil and coughed. Blood dripped from his mouth onto Ariengil's muddy dress.
Orudruin was dazed and attempted to wipe the blood off Ariengil's dress, but failed and just spread it around more. Ariengil gently moved Orudruin's hand although it pained her wound to do so. Orudruin collapsed next to Ariengil and lay, looking into her eyes.
`I... love you, Ariengil,' he managed to say.
`Ssh, don't talk, it hurts us both,' whispered Ariengil.
`I need to tell you though. I... I love you... so... much. You... have stolen my... heart.' Ariengil started to speak, but he interrupted her. `Don't... speak. You don't need to.' He coughed violently and cried in pain.
`Don't talk.'
`Pain is nothing if I... talk to you. My love is... great for you. I wanted to... to marry you if you would... have me... Now you... can't. I do... really... love you... Arien... Ariengil.'
Ariengil looked at Nárfin for help, she did not really want Orudruin to tell her all of this, especially if it made him die. He was forcing the words to come, and it was obviously causing a lot of pain. He spoke breathlessly and shook as he spoke.
`Orudruin, with all due respect, you need to just relax. None of us can help you except you- by relaxing and staying still,' said Nárfin. Ariengil looked to Nieninque who had flinched when Nárfin had said that no one could help.
`I will not be quiet,' shouted Orudruin, then stopped to cough and breathe before he continued, `I must tell Ariengil... how I feel... before... I die. I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of being forgotten by my friends. Don't forget me Ariengil.' Taking one last breath, he shouted at the top of his voice, which was not very loud for he was in agony, `I LOVE YOU ARIENGIL.' Then his eyes clouded over and he fell backwards with his fist clenched.
Nárfin closed Orudruin's eyes and opened his fist. In it was a piece of wood with the words `Ariengil and Orudruin' engraved into it. Nárfin opened up the little piece of wood and found a necklace, which seemed to be made from a spider's web- delicate, dainty and beautiful. At the end, there was a heart made of a pearl.
Nárfin, after asking Ariengil's permission, put the necklace around her friend's neck and spoke to the heavens, `Bless him, Eru.' Ariengil also spoke to the heavens in the same way, although in pain, and then looked at Nieninque who did the same sadly.
`Nárfin, I am dying,' she said to her friend, although she looked at Nieninque who looked away, `Find Harma for me.' Nárfin, with tears in her eyes, nodded and ran off.
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