The Trinity - Aragorn wasn't alone!

'Let's go Troll-hunting!' offered Saran
'I like Troll-hunting!' Minas replied with excitement.
'I like Orc-hunting!' Saran said.
'Be quite! both of you!' Aryan suggested as he heard something.


'We have been called from Rohan! The king needs our help' Jelas Ohmsfield said. 'And there has been call from Minas Tirith too. The choice is yours, my sons. But you must leave at once where ever you chose to go.'


He put down his bow and took up the sword to meet the the orcs coming towards him in dozens.


'What are you going to do now?' asked Saran
'Go out and meet them!' Replied Aryan
"For death?" asked Saran
'For Rohan.' Aryan said looking up at the sky
'FOR ROHAN!' cried Minas and Saran together and dived into the black sea of the mass of Uruk-hai.


Minas clucthed the leader's collar and said
'Lord Aragorn is going to win this war! And you better be prepared, for he is going to be the new king of Gondor.' Minas paused and looked into the soldier's eyes
'You will die of fear than on the sword of the enemy.' he declared.


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