The Tale Of The Forgotten Lady. - Part Four

"Why, Théoden has named Éomer, your husband, as his heir." She replied looking vaguely amused at my amazement. "Plus, your helping me is helpful to both you and me." She said, looking deadly serious.

"What are you talking about, my Lady?" I asked in wonder.

"Your helping me is imperative to my plan."


I looked up in amazement, what was she talking about? She couldn't be thinking of... no, that was impossible, she wouldn't do so stupid a thing.

"What is your plan Éowyn?" I said forgetting my place and using her name. "Sorry, I mean, my Lady."

"Oh, don't bother with `my Lady' Lessien, I hate being called it. Anyway, if I tell you, you must swear, never to tell anyone, it must not go out this room, anyway, there is yet the slightest chance that it may not come to pass." And then she said, speaking to herself, muttering "If Gondor does not send it then my plan has failed, all relies on the Gondorians"

"Éowyn, if I might ask, please tell me what your plan is, so that I might understand better?" I said, feeling extremely confused indeed.

"Yes, but no one else must hear of it." She said, again, glancing nervously around the room. "As you know, we have declared war on Isengard and its allies. This includes the might of Sauron, who has also declared war on Gondor. Gondor has lost many men, to smaller, less significant battles, but now, the storm is rising, and it is bigger than before, far bigger. To beat it, Gondor needs men, it will send signals to its allies." She got up and started pacing the room.

"But what has this got to do with you and Rohan?" I asked, even though I was almost positive that I knew the answer.

"Oh Lessien, you, above all, should know that I cannot stay here, like a caged animal, I am a shieldmaiden of Rohan, and I must fight! If Gondor sends message, it will be sent to Dunharrow, where I shall receive it, and I shall go with King Théoden to Gondor!" as Éowyn spoke, her voice rose, and she spoke with an air of violence. I grabbed her hands and pulled her back down, so that she was sitting next to me once more.

"Éowyn, you cannot follow through with this plan. This is madness, no good can come of it! And anyway, the King would not dream of letting you go, if you died, he would feel as if he had failed your father."

"The King shall not know." She said, slyly. As she spoke, she slipped quietly out the door, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

How could she think that such a thing was feasible? It is madness, and the King will not allow it. The King, what was it she had said?

`The King shall not know.'

What did she mean by that? Shall not know. And what was my role in all of this? She said I was imperative to her plan, but what could I do? I am not a shieldmaiden, I cannot help her when she goes to war, unless, I am supposed to hide the fact that she is gone...

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