The Tale Of The Forgotten Lady. - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

I curtsied low, first to the King, then to Éowyn. King Théoden dismissed first his and Éowyn's servants and then my servant. He looked me up and down and nodded, not so much as with satisfaction, but with reluctant approval, but the look in his eyes still resented that silver band about my head. I inwardly sighed, nothing had yet changed, I was still out of favour of my King. Éowyn though, she nodded and smiled slightly, as if for encouragement. I was puzzled, why were they here, what had I done wrong, and why was Éowyn looking so pleased.

"You may have heard that the Rohirrim is to go to war with Isengard." said the King.

"Yes my Lord" I replied hesitantly, what was going on, he surely would not have come to me to tell me that we are going to war.

"I am leaving the Lady Éowyn, your sister-in-law" he said, with a look of contempt "in charge of the lands of Rohan and my people." This was getting stranger by the minute, Éowyn could have told me herself. I nodded.

"She has requested that you help her, you must share this burden with her. I have granted her permission." He said, looking as if he was already openly regretting the decision. I almost fainted with shock but managed to give a weak reply.

"I should be happy to my Lord." I replied. He turned to leave and again I curtsied low. Éowyn stayed though.

"Why did you do that?" I whispered weakly once the King had left.

"Because Lessien, we must get you back into the King's favour and help you win back the hearts of the people of Rohan, and this seemed to be the best way to do it" she replied, as she helped me to the window seat, and sat down herself.
"We must get you some new rooms of course," she said, eyeing the small room that I had grown to love. The small room with the sagging bed, and fraying hangings. "And some new clothes as well." She said, looking me up and down.

"I did my best!" I laughed.

"Yes, well new clothes that are befitting for the future queen of Rohan. This threw me even more, I sank back into the cushions.

"What are you talking about?" I asked in wonder.

"Why, Théoden has named Éomer, your husband, as his heir." She replied looking vaguely amused at my amazement. "Plus, your helping me is helpful to both you and me." She said, looking deadly serious.

"What are you talking about, my Lady?" I asked in wonder.

"Your helping me is imperative to my plan."

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