The tale of the dorwake family. - Chapter 4. Hiding. (Mewter speaking)

I ran up to the secret passage and out to the stairs.
I ran down the stairs and came out on to a big court. It was up in flames, then I saw a man limping, an Orc was following him.
I jumped in the way of the Orc and tripped it up. I then stabbed it in the back.
Fifi was at the stairs with Buxton.
Buxton was my brother; he had a golden robe on and was 16.
Fifi was 5 but was very fast at running; she was wearing a pink robe.
We were all elf's apart from our hated step mother who hated us all.
"Mewter come here now," shouted Buxton.
"No we need to find Lela," I shouted back.
"Where's Yellwen." He shouted.
I holstered my sword in the direction of my sister's body.
Buxton covered Fifis eyes.
I ran to them both and told them what had happened to Lela.
Buxton grabbed my sword and told me to take my little sister up to the house or find a hiding place.
I grabbed her hand and picked her up.
"Come on Fifi" I whispered running up the stairs.
Then I got to the secret door I pushed it and went in.
I scrambled on to the walls and ducked down on the battlements.
I looked to the left of me and saw London. He was my other brother. He was wearing a green robe and had a silver banner in his hands.
"London, what's going on?" I shouted.
"I don't know father told me to take this and find you both." He said running to them and ducking down.
Our family was really big. There was father `It' (Our step mum). The twins Fidi and Fifi, London, Buxton, Lela, Yellwen, Malachi, Paris, Delco and me.
Yellwen was now dead and probley Lela.
Fidi and Fifi where the youngest and Malachi was the oldest.
It went London me Delco Paris Lela Yellwen Buxton.
Fidi and Paris ran from the passage, Fidi grabbed on to his twin Fifi and Paris grabbed the banner. We all followed Paris up to the house and ran in to the top room.
"Why are we here?" I asked.
"Well would you rather be down there" Shouted Paris.
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