The Tale of Laurelin lady of Tilrioth - Lady Laurelin

In the first age of Middle-earth, many fair things were created by the Valar. Many of these were hidden from the youngest children of Illuvatar,men. Such as Luthien, fair elvish daughter of Melian and Thingol. But one thing was hidden in a place were no mortal, or few elves could find; Tilrioth. This beautiful city of pearl and sapphire, stood on the hill of Lorindol, which means goldenhead. It was ruled by Mirie and Celeuiel of the Moriquendi. They bore only one daughter, Laurelin. She was a shimmering light among her people. Even though the Moriquendi had never laid eyes on the trees of Valinor, they had heard rumours of their splendour from wandering Noldor. So they had of course named her after the silver tree: Laurelin. This was so because her raiment was either blue or silver, and if she walked in a darkened spot, her light would fill it with beauty. This tale tells of how sadness came to Tilrioth, and how Laurelin fell in love with the most unlikely elf of all.

The moonlight fell on the crystal fountain of Mirie, as Laurelin walked among the elanor and nimphredil. She sang a song of far away, in a tongue few now know:

I walked with you, under the stars of Valinor,
Unbeknown to you, I loved you, but thought it folly to tell.
Alas! you rode away, to lands of gold and silver,
Never again shall i see you, your fair grey eyes, your soft caress, the love has passed away.

This was a song Laurelin would sing often, but always in private, for her father Celeuiel disaproved, as it was a song of the Teleri, whom Laurelin loved.

Chapter 2 next week.

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