The Sword of Gondor - Heir of the King: Being the First Part of the Sword of Gondor

Chapter One: The Shire Opens

For years beyond all mortal rememberance the Shire, home to the Hobbits had been shut off to the world around. It was here in this small partition of land lived the Hero who saved all of Middle-earth by destroying th Ring of Power. As years Frodo Baggins with his story became legend.
Sam had soon grew older and his friends who grew little. Merry and Pippin had long gone, poor Samwise Gamgee was the only Hobbit left in all of Hobbiton who remember the days of the War. For even though He, Frodo and his friends returned and defeated Sauroman, only he could tell of the story of the Rings destruction.
Keeping the book by which the story recounts was left to him and was soon sent to the Hobbit Libraries. Sam wrote his ending.
His son, Sammar was had often read from that book and soon began to dream of Elves, "True they were my boy," said Samwise, "and beautiful too." In young Sammar's dreams they haunted him. The elves were gone. Sailed far to the Unying Lands, the Gra Havens far to the west beyond all borders.
Young Sam had dreamt of Lothlorien's gate and the house Elrond perched high in Rivendel. Like his father before, in shire he lived and dreamt of travels outside of the Shire. Young Sam would sit and listen to his father, and the adventure to Mordor and Gollum's demise with the ring in his hand.
But Shire no longer in this peaceful age could stay locked up forever. More and more the younger generation went off on their own journeies, spreading far beyond to the borders, into the realms of men and settling further south towards Gondor.
Twelve years ago The King, Aragorn had urged the Hobbit leaders to open the Hobbit world to men. But the older generation rejected it stating it was not time for such things. Aragorn was a younger king had respected their descion and never again spoke to them. But many years had passed and it became a hotter topic, especially now when the young Hobbits left their homes.
"We need more time," spoke one Hobbit.
"We need to allow men to notice us," said another.
The council grew in heated debate until old Sam stood up. "It is time for us to leave Hobbiton to see beyond the hedges. We can no longer be shut out from the world. Think of Bilbo and Frodo, think of the fight then when we defended our homes from Sauroman. We can no longer be separate. What say you Rosy-Posy Olivebir.
An older female Hobbie stoodup, she had white hair and a gray face, her blue eyes showed wisdom of her years. "I was there Mister Gamgee I remeber your friends, it is time to become a part of the world of Middle Earth. We can no longer stay in shire locked up like animals in cages."
So it became henceforth from this great council that the Shirefolk would no longer shut up and should send a messenger to the King. "My son could go," said Samwise," he is young and would want to leave the Shire on his own adventure, even if it is to Gondor's gate."
"I shall go," said Sammar.
"Here I have with me somethings before you leave," Opening a small box he handed his Son a green ratted cloak, "This was given to me from Women elf in Rivendell it has prove me good so I give it to you."
As the sun rose on the next day Sammar set off to Gondor, as the meesenger of the Shire.
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