The story of Eowethel - The Prologue

The Story of Eowethel--Prologe

Hello my name is Eowethel, it's elvish my father said. Before he died he had loved the lord of the rings. He had liked it so much had even named his only daughter after an elf from Tolkien's famous works which he loved so much.But now he's gone along with my mother and I'm stuck living with my older Bro who's 18. He's got a normal name, Karl.

Maybe before I go on anymore with my story i'll tell you a bit about my phisical apperance. I have Golden-blue lost puppy eyes. My original hair color is light brown but at the moment it's Black with Purple and Blue highlights. My nose, ears and lips are pierced with a total of 9 piercings (1 on my nose, 1 on my lip and seven and my ears.) I look pretty messed up! oh ya and I've got 3 tatoo's to finnish of my freaky look. One of a rose one of Fire and a tatoo of the one ring's inscription.

I really miss my father he's been gone since I was 10. But to remember him I keep his tradition of loving Lord of the Rings going. My wall is pretty much plastered with Lord of the Rings Posters with a scattered Good Charlotte or Simple Plan Poster here and there. Maybe the odd Sum 41 poster.

And I should probably tell you about my bestest friend, Jen. She has short dyed black hair with blonde and red highlights. Her original hair color is dirty blonde. She's just got her ears pierced 5 times. And one tatoo of a ball of fire. We've been friends ever since we were 4. She lives just down the road. But she's usually at my house about 23/7 since her parents are acolalics so she comes over to my house because she can't stand the fighting. She comes over so often she has her own room.

So were real close. We also share a love of Lord of the Rings. We sometimes talk about living in Middle Earth and how happy we'd be. That's my one wish. I wish it every night.

One night I had finished saying my prayers (or wishing to be in Middle Earth) When all of a sudden Jen comes in. And I ask her what's wrong and says she doesn't no she just came in her heart just told her to. So I tell her to pull up a chair and we'll talk. But then the window flys open and the room starts to spin and the lights go out.

Ouch I woke up in anohther world with a big lump on my head. How Rude! I didn't have any time to pack. Then I relize where I am, I'm in Middle Earth!

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