The Story of Eldawen Morningstar - The Forgotten Daughter of Elrond

It is a cool morning in Imaldris as a young elf maiden came riding into the stables. "Eldawen! You are late! Father is waiting for you." exclaims Arwen.

Eldawen jumps off her horse and runs into the hall. "Father!" she exclaims as she runs to her father. Her beautiful golden blonde hair fliping about her as she speaks, "Oh my, Father you should have seen the sunrise this morning! It was so beautiful! I wish..."

Elrond enterupts her off and says, "My daughter, my Eldawen. Every day I look at you, you resemble your mother more and more."

Eldawen blushes as her brothers run into greet her, "Elda! You have finally come back!" Elladan says.

Later that evening, Eldawen walks about in the garden and hears a fair voice singing. I wonder who is singing so beautifully? She walks closer and spys an elf with flowing golden-blonde hair and a silver robe. Eldawen comes into his view and compliments his singing, "You sing extraordinarilly well," she says, "may I ask your name?"

The elf turns around and stares into her beautiful blue eyes and says, "My name is Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood, son of Thuranduil. You need not tell yours for I already have learned it, Eldawen. Would you care to take a walk with me?"

Eldawen had no choice but to follow this handsome elf for she was in a trance. "Of course, I would love to!"

As they walk through the woods, her father watches her from his room. I want what is best for my daughter. Is this the right thing? Elrond hears a voice in his head, it is the fair voice of the Lady Galadriel, Yes, Elrond, Eldawen is in love! Look at her, have you ever seen your daughter this happy before? Elrond turns and looks out at his daughter, Yes, she is very happy. I wouldn't have it anyother way.

Eldawen stops under a silver tree and looks at Legolas,"What brings you to Imaldris, Legolas?"

Legolas looks at her with his bright blue eyes and says, "Because I felt as if I needed to be here for something special." and kisses her on the lips.

Eldawen wakes up the next morning thinking Legolas was just a dream. She sits up in her bed and sees him sitting in a chair watching her. "Sleep well?" he asks sweetly.

"Yes, I slept well. You?"

"I didn't get any sleep because I was watching you all night."

"All night?" She asks, "My love, you needn't watch me while I sleep!"


In the hall, Elrond watches Eldawen come in. She takes her seat next to him and Legolas sits next to her. Elladan and Elrhos looks suspiciously at Legolas.

"Who's he?" Elrhos asks Arwen who is sitting next to him.

"Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood." She explains.

"Elladan shudders and says, "Mirkwood elves, you can never trust them."


Legolas and Eldawen stand outside the front hall, The Feloowship is about to leave and Eldawen is talking to Legolas."Promise you'll come back?"

"Yes, of course my love, I will never forget you." he pledges.

"Legolas, Come! We can't wait all day." Exlaims Aragorn.

"Goodbye, Elda. I shall see you again, soon." He promises.

"Yes, soon." Eldawen repeats and kisses Legolas gently on the lips.

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