The Spirit Of The Sea - Chapter 1 - Feaguire

Chapter 1

Feaguire was an elf. She lived in the havens by the sea. She was full grown, but still, very young. She hated that people told her that, though. They told her that she couldn't do things that others could, just because she was too young.
She was of the sea elves and her father - Mith-glin - was a good friend of Gil-galad the king of their land. Mith-glin had light brown golden hair, with grey eyes that were so beutiful they could put a trance on you if you looked into them for too long.
Her mother was Lothwen and she had dark hair and green eyes. She was very beautiful and loved to garden, though gardening was not her occupation.
Calen-glin was her brother. He had the hair of his father - golden brown - but the eyes of his mother - green - (though his eyes were as powerful as Mith-glin's).
Feaguire was almost identical to her brother. Golden hair and green powerful eyes.

Feaguire was stubborn and very curious. She was not very strong in her body, but she had had a strong heart that abled her to do anything.
She hated when people told her what to do and she always talked back and spoke her mind.
But she had a polite side. She was always caring, kind and consiserate to anyone who deserved it and she could tell if they did deserve it or not. She loved animals and horses. Infact she had her very own horse named Talthalion, which meant `strong foot' and that was what he was. He could run faster then any other horse and he could stay running for longer then any other horse. Feaguire loved Talthalion and she always looked after him with alot of care.
Her other love was of flowers and gardens (from her mother's side) and she always spent time with her mother learning about this gift.

Feaguire wanted to always fight in battles and be a warrior but was always tol things like
"You are too young!" or "Even if you were older you are a women. Women do not fight!"
But she didn't listen. She knew one day she would live her dream.

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