The Sorceress - Chapter 2: New Friendship

~Prologue to chapter 2:
They entered the mines of Moria. This showed that Hèbe's words to Gimli were true: Moria WAS the house of his ancestors. Gandalf and he led the through the grim darkness of the tunnels. Gandalf fell into the endless pit while saving the rest from the terror of the Balrog. The fellowship escaped to the fresh air and blue skies, for the first time in days.~

The fellowship was in grief. Everyone were close together, for the sorrow was too heavy to bear alone. Only Hèbe was distant, lonely.

Legolas's keen eyes noticed her. He whispered to Aragorn, "I think she is something more than what she lets out. She might not even know it."

"There is true nobility in her eyes," agreed Aragorn. "I noticed that Gandalf didn't hesitate to trust her, although the poor wizard new nothing of her."

"But maybe he did!" said Frodo, who was near them all the time. "You knew him, he wouldn't have told us even if he did recognize her from previous meetings."

"She's like him, in a way," said Aragorn, almost to himself. "Mysterious, unknown." He added in frustration, "we don't even have a way to insure that she has given us her true name!

"Go talk to her, Legolas!" Aragorn turned to the Elf. "She must trust you. After all, YOU trusted HER from the start."

The fair Prince gave a mysterious smile. "She trusted YOU before she even joined us. Come now, my friend. I think better of you than not to notice that strange note in her voice when she first spoke to you."

Aragorn fell silent. Finally, he looked at the distant outlines of the young maiden... Or was she really just a maiden?

[Author's note: That was a VERY thick hint...]

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