The Slave - Chapter 8

That morning Saywen got up early and went to talk to Lady Hilinia. "You are what!" she screamed and grabbed the slave girl by the shoulders. "I'm pregnant." "Great! Now I have lost a good slave." "Not really, Milady. You see if I have this baby you will have another slave." "Aye but that would take years." "But it will pay off in the end." "True, ok when you reach the point of not being able to work tell me and you shall stop. About Legolas, my guess is that when you are near your time he is going to want to be with you." "Yes, but..." "That will be fine." She said grudgingly. "Thank you, Milady." Saywen smiled and ran back down the stairs.
Legolas was just getting out of bed when she came down. "Where have you been?" "Talking to Lady Hilinia." The prince's face filled with worry and took her in his arms. "What did she say?" "We are in the clear. She said it would be good to have another slave." "Our child will not be a slave; I will get you out of here." "You will not be going anywhere!" an ominous voice came from the top of the stairs. Isondil was standing there with a frown on his face. He quietly turned and shut the door. "I heard." He nodded his head toward Saywen. "And?" Legolas stared at him wickedly. "I agree with you, Prince Legolas." He bowed slightly. "You should not be here, Sonya is a human, yes. But she still should not be a slave. I will do my best to get the two... sorry the three of you out." He smiled gently and bounded up the stairs. Saywen looked at Legolas and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thank the Valar." She sighed. "It could still be a trick of some sort." Legolas replied warily. "You think it is?" Saywen sounded crest fallen. "It might be." The prince looked down into her face. "Don't worry. Our child will be free." Saywen smiled. "I hope so." Legolas wrapped his arms around her gently. "I guess we had better get to work." "Aye I guess so." They jogged up the stairs and to their jobs.

Near seven and a half months along Lady Hilinia ordered Saywen to work out in the field, in the dead of winter, with Legolas. "Milady no, that could kill her!" Legolas argued and held his wife to him protectively. "No, Legolas. I will be fine." Saywen remarked. "Saywen." "Legolas, I will be fine." Saywen spoke firmly but laid her hand on her stomach when she felt the baby kick. "Lady Hilinia, I beg of you, do not make her work." Legolas pleaded. "Fine, take her to your room." She consented before she strutted off. "Legolas I would have been-augh!" "What is it?" Legolas held her worriedly. "Nothing. The baby is just kicking." "Are you sure?" Legolas saw the pain on his wife's face. "Yes. I just need to rest." Saywen smiled wearily. "Alright, come." Legolas led her down to the cot where he gently covered her with the blanket. "Sleep, my love. I will be back soon." He gently kissed her lips and then jogged up the stairs.
She was a little over eight months pregnant when she was awoken by Legolas shaking her gently. "What's wrong?" "Isondil is going to sneak us out." Legolas whispered excitedly as he threw on his cloak. Saywen smiled and pushed herself out of bed. "You gonna make it?" "I'll be fine, don't worry." Legolas slipped his arm around her waist and hurried up the stairs. They had just made it out of the back door when...

So, what do you think is gonna happen?

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