It was late at night when the company of Legolas, Arogorn, and Gimili came to a river. "We'll cross." said Arogorn.

"But I cant swim." said Gimili, while also making a face at the elf who was about to burst from trying to hold in laughter.

Little did they they know, they were being watched."Burr, Oi'm bees a'noticen thut you'm gurten yurrself in a mighty big prublem, ho hurr." said the little creature with a strang acsent." Oi'm bees called Grumm."

" Burr, you'm gut to shows us'n how turr cross that'n river,Maister Grumm."

Arogorn and Gimili had never known that Legolas could talk in such a manner. "Oh, Oi'm kent show you'm how to cruiss, but'n mie frund ken." said Grumm, who was still hiding.
Almost as soon as he had been done speaking, a small voice seem to come out of nowhere. It was of different dialect. "Meshow youwormfolk howto crossriver big."

"To talk to this creature you just blend words together, like this,"Youget uscross riverbig bysunup?"

" Heehee, megetyou crossriverbig intwodays.Youwaithere haveto."

And so they waited.

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