The Return of the Ring - Prologue

Frodo watched as Gollum and the Ring plummeted, Gollum emitting a sound unlike any he'd ever heard before. They dropped, down and down, finally sinking slowly under the molten lava below.

"Frodo!" Sam cried, tugging Frodo away from the gruesome sight.

As Frodo was dragged away from mount Doom, he thought he saw a faint glitter of gold on the wall of the volcano. He was unable to look at it closely, however, as the lava was quickly rising, almost too fast for a little hobbit to outrun.

Fortunately, Frodo made it out of Mount Doom, along with Sam. They were both taken to the house of Healing, in Gondor, then made a slow journey home. Frodo never forgot the gleam of gold he had seen on Mount Doom, even when he and Bilbo were taken to the undying lands.

And, hundreds of years later, in the time of cars and computers, a girl, descendant of the elves, woke with a start from her dream.

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