The Return of the Ring - Chapter One

Aramina went to a normal school, in a normal town, in a normal place. In fact, the only thing not normal, Aramina thought, was herself. She was taller than the other girls at school (over six feet), even though she was only her fourth year at a secondary school. Her ears also were deformed, pointed, instead of in the smooth, shell shape of a normal human beings. Usually, she wore her long black hair loose, to hide her ears from the many bullies at her school.

One day, Aramina was reading the Return of the King (for the third time) outside her classroom, during a break from classes. She looked up sharply when she heard her nickname called.

"Mina! Mina!" A boy was standing in front of her. He looked to be sixteen, give or take a few years.

"What?" Aramina glared at him from behind her book.

"Take my hand," the boy said, "We have much to do."

"What, I'm not going to take your hand you filthy little--"
Aramina was cut off as the boy grabbed her hand with his, and pulled her into the air. She suddenly found herself floating high above the school.

"Ooookaaay, what is going on here?" Aramina asked, trying to hide her sudden nasea from the boy, who still had her hand.

The boy shook his head, "Not here," he said, "First we must go back to Lorien."

"What?" Aramina cried, as the world started spinning, "There's no such thing!"

"Oh, yes there is!" The boy called, and let out a whoop as they plummeted into darkness.

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