The Return of the Ring - Chapter 5

Since Aramina was light, she shared a boat with Frodo and Sam. She talked with them as much as she could, and it seemed to lift their spirits a bit.

Aramina's eyes widened as they passed the large statues that marked the border of Gondor. She had always made jokes at this part of the movie, but in person, the statues were too intimidating to even think about cracking jokes.

When the Fellowship camped near the waterfall, she was on edge. From seeing the movies and reading the books, she knew what was to happen next. She noticed that Frodo slipped away after eating only a small meal.

Aramina joined the search party when the others noticed, and silently followed Sam to the boats. She never quite figured out why Frodo and Sam let her come with them to Mordor, but she thought that it had something to do with the fact that Galadriel had said she was one of the Elf-queen's finest warriors.

When the three reached the eastern shore, they were attacked by a gaggle of orcs that had stayed to watch the shore. Aramina and the hobbits fought bravely, but soon they realised it would be futile. They turned and ran. When Aramina passed the Frodo and Sam, she realised that the hobbits would never get away from the orcs running by themselves. She dropped back.

When the hobbits were even with her, she grabbed each of them around the waist and ran while carrying them. She went a bit slower, but it was faster than leaving the hobbits to their own devices. It also helped that she was on her school track team back in the future.

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