The return of the darkness Prolog

Iluvatar became concerned, the world of men had grown since the destruction of the ring, and the passing of the elves. Empires had risen and fallen, and the rulers of men changed from kings to councils. Machines, great and terrible, were made, and in this new world, an old evil was afoot.<br /> <br /> It was this Evil that had turned Melcor, had turned the hearts of some men to greed and a thirsting for power, men like those who had become the Nazgul.<br /> <br /> This evil had continued to whisper in the dreams of men like Nero, Stalin, Hitler, and now, in the dreams of the elected lord of a land far from what used to be Middle Earth, yet now men had weapons that equaled the might of Sauron himself at the height of his power. That was not the only concern, magics, once forgotten by men, had resurfaced, and this new lord knew them too well. Add to this mix, the spirits of elves and orcs being reborn in humans and it would be a matter of history repeating itself. The good men of the world would need guidance, and a champion, Gandalf the white was needed once more. <br /> <br /> Gandalf was at peace, in the time since he took the grey ship with frodo and bilbo, he had watched their wounds heal and age release its hold on bilbo. Time (beyond day and night) held little meaning here. Little did Gandalf realize that the world of men was changing in ways only Iluvatar could know.<br /> <br /> Gandalf heard the messenger of Iluvatar come to him while looking at the stars. &#8220;You must return to the world of men. There is need of you in a land called California. All has been made ready.&#8221; At once Gandalf&#8217;s mind was filled with knowledge of the now modern world of men, knowledge sent by Iluvatar himself.<br /> <br /> *************************<br /> <br /> Senator Jameson awoke, that voice was in his dreams again, it was always there these days. It called, it pulled, it had led him as a teen to learn the magic that had brought him to where he was now, a US senator, head of the intelligence oversight committee, and soon, on the fast track to president. &#8220;I shall rule the world and be its greatest Emperor, in time,&#8221; he thought. &#8220;Great and terrible to behold! All shall love me and despair!&#8221;<br /> <br />
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