The Red Jewel of the Shire - Proluge

"Ruby! Ruby!" The slumbering hobbit child moved in her sleep, but didn't awake. "Ruby Took! Don't make me come find you!" This time Pearl Took's voice was louder, to the point that everyone in the shire probably heard her.
Ruby vaguely heard it and awoke with a yawn. Forgetting she was in a tree she tried to roll over, taking a tumble out off the tree.
"Coming Mother!" Ruby yelled as she grabbed the old hardcover book that Bilbo Baggins lent her and started running for home. Her mother was standing on the stone path, her arms cross.
"Where have you been, Ruby?" She angrily yelled.
Ruby flinched and replied weakly, "Sorry Mama, I fell asleep."
Pearl sighed and took a loose stick out of Ruby's hair. "Ho Ruby, what are we going to do with you? Climbing trees all day with Peregrin, Meriadoc, Frodo, Samwise, Shelia, and Bastian." Her mother blithered on, as she used her apron to wipe dirt off of Ruby's cheeks. "You're always so dirty when you come home, are you rollin' around in the mud?"
"No, and why don't you just call them Pippin, Merry and Sam? You always call them by their real names."
Her mother ignored her and continued, "You've ruined so many dresses, it's ridiculous."
Ruby replied softly, "Sorry Mama." A single tear slowly made it's way down her cheek.
Just then Frodo came up the path. He looked from the angry Pearl to the almost crying Ruby and hesitantly asked, "Mrs. Took, can Ruby walk to school with us? It's almost time for it to start." He looked back down the path and sure enough, Bastian and Shelia came up the path. They both were giggling and talking.
Pearl sighed, "Alright, but come straight home after school and please try to stay out of mud and trouble. You know the school teacher doesn't like frogs."
Frodo grinned mischievously; just last week Frodo had put a small toad in the teacher's desk drawer.
Ruby nodded her head, "Yes Mama, thank you Mama." She turned around and ran down the path with the others. They were walking through the small forest on their way to school, that was because it was the longest route. They were talking and laughing happily when a scream sounded through the woods. It didn't sound far off and Ruby was worried. The voice almost sounded like her father, Prongo Took. He had left earlier that morning to cut wood and hunt for herbs.
Frodo ran ahead with Ruby following a foot behind. When Ruby caught up to him, he had turned to face her, his eyes sad. When Ruby tried to see what was making him sad, he tried to hold her back, but she pushed past him. Her Father was laying there, dead. It looked as if someone had murdered him, stabs all over. She covered her face with her hands and started to weep. Frodo gently pulled her to him and let her cry on his shoulder. Shelia and Bastian bowed their heads with respect.
Ruby didn't go to school for a week after the funeral and her friends stayed out of mischief until she returned. It took a lot for her not to have nightmares, and she promised herself, since she was the oldest child, that she would find out who killed her father, and why.
Her mother sank into deep despair, so Ruby had to grow up fast to support her family. She sill talked and played with her friends, every chance she could get.
As Ruby and Frodo grew closer, the condition of the Shire slowly worsened. Things changed for better or worse. The friends had their share of adventures, but their friendship was strong, and it grew stronger even though Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin left for almost two years. Even though the Shire was destroyed in a way, and even when a strange hobbit lass came from Rivendell, disrupting normal life in the Shire. But let me start at the beginning and you shall see for yourself.

Auther's Note:This was written by RubyTook, I take no credit.

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