The rebels - 2,000 years after the war a new one begins chptr 1 of many

2,000 years later after the war

There was a teenage elfling girl by the name of rosealyn she was a run away ( though no one know's why). The wierd thing about her she like none other liked to wear a black leather short skirt because it got ripped up and a black leather shirt that showed her very thin belly. she had very rare pitch black hair and the most beautiful bright blue eyes imangenable .She of many elflings her age an above where rebals ,and she was known as the lady of the rebals for her cleverness ,and skills of hunting and fighting, but most of all her way of going through mirkwood as quiet as a mouse and even more. this is her story.and destiny.

marilyn sliely ran through mirkwood forest toward her secret village where she was to report the news she had gathered when she got there as useual every one greeted her with joyfulness . She went to the village square .

"there is great news everyone the king of mirkwood has died they barried him this morning prince legolas is now the new king . let us celebrate and wait till tomorrow to fight then we will leave town for rivendell for some aid from the other rebals in that area " Marilyn said joyfully.

That night thay through a big feast with singing, dancing , eating and relaxing.They caused so much disturbance the guards could easily pick out where they where and planned to attack tomorrow.

i hope you like my story so far sry if there is any spelling errors

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