The Quest of Endill White Bear - Part 2

In Chapter 1, Endill descendant of Fëanor and from the mortal house of Hador of Dor-lómin, the third group of men to walk into Beleriand met up with Aragorn Lord of the Dúnedain and agrees to hunt for Gollum alone.

Endill rode hard for 4 hard years. He travelled on the back of his silver horse from above the Grey Heavens south-east through Minhiriath and Enedwaith. Endill went through the gap of Rohan at top speed his steed galloping throughout the dark and cold nights. Endill made slow progress because he was side tracked from his main task many times. But on the eve of March 13th 3005 of the Third Age, Endill arrived at the edge of Fangorn Forest. Endill still looked young and his shoulder length brown hair was as thick as ever. His stubble of a beard was still looking rough and his brown eyes noticed everything. Endill took out his flint and a piece of steel and lighted a small fire on the edge of the forest using some dead pieces of wood. He lay on his back and looked up at all of the stars, which were shining above him.

As he lay there he drifted off into a haunted sleep. Endill dreamed of a dark robed figure holding a bright sword, which shone like the moon. The figures black hood covered his face and as Endill peered into the hood he saw nothingness. The figure stood on the top of a small grass covered dark hill and behind him were 8 other figures dressed likewise. But the first was taller and thinner and looked more stretched.

Endill watched in dread as the 9 figures approached him. Just as the most menacing of the 9 was about to lifted up his sword and bring it hard down on Endill when he woke up, Endill jumped up looking around him to see if he could see the dark figures, but all was silent apart from the noise of birds and other noises that the wilderness makes. Endill sat there for a moment under the cover of darkness looking up at the bright stars and at the edge of the forest which now looked menacing and evil.

The fire at his side was out and the burnt remains were only ash. He sat there on the grassy dunes by the forest until he slowly drifted back into untroubled sleep. Endill awoke as dawn sped across the mountains in the east. The suns rays were absorbing through his dark clothe as he clambered onto his silver horse and took hold of his shield and swung it onto his back so he didn't need to hold it. Using both hands to hold the reigns, he spurred the horse on as he charged at the dark mountains, which he guessed were south-east.


Many weeks passed before Endill came at last to Emyn Muil and the mountains North of Mordor. Endill left his horse to wander in the wilderness commanding it to go to Lorien, the wood of the Elven Queen, who Fëanor led from the Undying lands into exile to Middle Earth and the Mortal lands.

Endill climbed and labored hard over and among the barren slopes and stones of Emyn Muil. He climbed up the cliffs and stood on top of a great mountain and looked out over a scene which was new to him. His dark clothes moved and swayed around him as he stood on top of the mountain looking down over marshland and the dark mountains of Mordor. His green gem hung around his neck sparkled in the sunlight.

As Endill stood there he could see two figures moving other than himself under the sun. One of them crawled of all fours and was moving fast. The creature was very thin and looked very evil and twisted. The other one, Endill shuddered, when his eyes fell of the evil figure. The figure was that of a tall man clad in black robes, which covered him almost totally. For from his sleeves came silver plated armoured hands clutching a dark shinning sword.

Even from a great distance Endill could see that under the hood the figure had no face. His dream came back to him and he saw that this figure had come to him in his dreams. As he looked at the figure from the mountain he could see that it was following the first crawling figure. Endill guessed that the second figure was the one, which was going to stab him in his dark dream.

As he thought about the 9 figures he remembered an old verse, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, as the thought about this verse his long hair flowed in the easterly wind, he guessed that the second figure was the Witch King of Angmar of old, the Leader of the Nazgul and the chief servant of Sauron.

Endill shivered on the mountaintop at the sight of the ghostly figure of the Chief of the Nazgul. Endill being of brave spirit alike to Fëanor only and of a pure heart drew his glittering sword from its black sheath. The light of the moon shone forth from the blade and the Nazgul Chieftain saw him from afar and thought him to be an Elven King come from the Undying Lands of the West, in his full glory and wrath.

The overall length of the mighty sword is 52-7/8" but the shining blade length was only 40-5/8", the blades' thickness was ¼" and it was made from a Dwarvish metal of unknown source. The sword had a solid metal crossguard. Engraved on the metal of the prommel around the gold fitting are dwarven runes of mystic origin alike to the ones found on Narsil of old. Endill tightened his grip on the leather-wrapped grip on the sword and held the sword aloft in his right hand, whilst he took his blue shield with his emblem of a snarling white bear, off his back. He pulled his shield from his back and held it in his left hand. His dull-silver armour could just be seen under his black ripped well-worn traveling clothes and his flowing black cloak.

From the black/grey traveling sack which was slung across his back, he pulled out a tall Elven silver helm which he placed on his long hair, on his head. When armed Endill once again went to the point of the mountain. He stood there gazing down on the two travelers, gleaming in silver and gold, and he knew not that then and there he looked like a King of Men from the West or one of the Eldar from out of a story or song. His shield and sword glistened in the faint sun light and the fiery flames coming from Mordor.

Gollum seeing him ran for cover thinking him to be a tall Elven King of great majesty. The Witch King of Angmar, the Chief of the Nazgul drew back from the sight of the mortal man also deeming him to be one of the Eldar or Elendil holding aloft Narsil, which he knew well. But the Witch King of Angmar, the Chief of the Nazgul, did not fear for long for when Endill turned and descended from his perch on the mountain. The Nazgul Chieftain gained his courage and once again walked forward towards Gollum and Endill holding his sword aloft in salute to the Elven King who he had mistaken Endill to be even though he was mostly in the shadow world. He could still see Endill because of Endill's Elven blood, which was now very little because little Elven blood flowed him his veins for he was a mortal man.

Endill ran quickly down the rocks and bare wastelands of the mountainsides at Emyn Muil. Darkness crept over the land and the fiery pit of Mount Doom set the sky of fire. Flames crept from its mouth and covered all that land in red light which mingled with the darks clouds and smoke which haunted the land to create a red mist over the darkened land of Mordor and the surrounding areas. As Endill ran with the speed of the wind holding his sword out in front of him, its blade tip pointing in a right angle from his body, he ran, with his dark clothes and his dark cloak blowing behind him. His silver Helm gleaming in the sunlight. His silver Elvish armour remained hidden underneath his rough black travel worn clothes. He held his wooden shield, which had been dipped in metal when it was forged, on the surface and now had been painted blue with the face of a snarling white bear on it, in his left hand close to his body. His shield had been used a lot and had small holes in it where arrows had penetrated the metal and had got stuck in the wood. The shield and the sword were forged by the Dwarves of the North, Endill had met them when he was traveling in the Northern Wastelands.

As he thought about his armour he remembered the bitter coldness of the ice and snow and the feel of his beard when it was frozen to his face. And he remembered the snarling face of the giant white bear, which had attacked him. He recalled the ferocity of the battle and the look of death in the bears eyes as it was impaled with his mighty sword. As he recalled his mighty deeds he remembered the tale Elrond had told him when he had once stayed in Rivendell. The story was of one of his ancestors and was set long before Elrond himself was born. The main character whose name had been Endill I and who Endill was named after for he was named Endill II. Endill I had been a mighty man. He was the son of Celebrimbor and so was a Half Elf. That is why Elrond referred to him as Endill Half-Elven, because his mother was mortal and from the House of Hador of Dor-lómin. Endill Half-Elven had been the greatest man of the time. He was strong and felt no fear. His emblem had been a single black feather on a silver background. If ever I have the time I will tell you the tale of Endill Half-Elven.

Endill ran over the slopes of the dark barren land and into a valley between to mountains, which reached up and touched the sky. Night-time approached as Endill came to the middle of the valley. There he saw Gollum run on all fours past him and into the shadow of the mountains. Endill watched Gollum for a moment seeing the pitiful creature for the first time close up. He pitied the creature and felt no desire to destroy it for he felt that Gollum still had some part to play in the shaping of the world for good or evil. As Endill watched Gollum he suddenly felt a chill as if the wind had suddenly become icy cold and that it was intent of freezing him. Endill span round his long sharp silver sword glittering in the darkness of dusk. A few stars jumped into view and shone on the three figures in the valley.

The Nazgul Chieftain walked forward out of the shadows. He was a menacing figure clothed in black. He had a hood over his face which covered is invisible face. He had a dark sword in his hands, which were inside silver armoured gloves. The Nazgul Chieftain slowly approached Endill who was stood in front of him, sword drawn, shield covering his torso his black robes flowing in the wind behind him and the tall Elven silver helm on his head. The Nazgul Chieftain circled Endill watching his every breath.

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