The Quest of Endill White Bear - Part 1

This story focuses a lot on Endill. He is a Dúnedain and a Ranger of the North but he is also a descendant of Fëanor greatest of the Elves. This is how Endill who is from the race of men can have an Elf as an ancestor. Fëanor had a son called Curufin who had a son named Celebrimbor who heard what Sauron had inscribed on the ring when Sauron first made the One Ring and who was also slain by Sauron. Celebrimbor was the one made the three Elven rings, which Sauron did not ever touch. Celebrimbor secretly married a mortal woman from the mortal house of Hador of Dor-lómin. She gave birth to the ancestors of Endill. He is the only living direct descendant of Fëanor still living in Middle Earth. The Dwarves of the Northern Mountains made Endill his shield and they also made him a sword, which was as much alike to Narsil as any sword in Middle Earth. On the prommel around the gold fitting, it has Dwarven runes inscribed into the metal work. The scene below happened on the Western side of the Blue Mountains near to the Grey Heavens on November 2nd of the year 3001 of the Third Age. Gandalf suspects Bilbo's Ring to be the One Ring and desperately want's news of Gollum.

Aragorn Chieftain of the Dúnedain and a Ranger of the North walked over the windswept hills near to the coastline. As he was walking he noticed a campfire on the side of a hill so he decided to investigate this strange occurrence. Aragorn didn't think that anyone would be this far north. He had heard a rumour that one of his friends who he hadn't seen for many years was in the area. As Aragorn approached the fire he could see a figure of a Dúnedain sat down next to it. Aragorn walked up behind the Dúnedain and sat down on the grass-covered hills of the Northern wastelands next to a Ranger, who he hadn't seen for many years.

"Hello Aragorn," said the Dúnedain without turning to look at Aragorn. The Dúnedain, which he sat next to on, the grassy turf looking westwards towards the sea was wearing high boots of supple leather which went up to his knees, a travel-stained cloak of heavy black cloth was drawn closely about him to protect him from the strong winds of the uneven coastline. He wore a hood that overshadowed his face. He had shoulder length dark brown hair and a rough beard when his hood was down and piercing brown eyes and yet he was not unlike Aragorn to look upon. He carried a bow and a collection of arrows in a sack slung unevenly across his broad back and a long sword dangling at his side. He was clad only in black and brown with shining silver chain mail and plate amour underneath his rough tattered clothes. He did indeed look like he was, a Ranger in the wilderness. He didn't ride or walk with the likes of Halbarad and his Rangers for he preferred to walk the hostile country alone on horseback or walking. His horse was strong and of proud bearing, but rough haired. Aragorn whilst looking at his long lost friend of old saw that around his neck was a golden necklace with had a large green stone at the end of it hanging over his rough clothes. The stone was very smooth and had been fashioned long ago by Fëanor himself who was greatest of the Elves and the greatest craftsmen of the First Age.

"Endill you look as if you have travelled far and are very weary. Where have you been for the past many uncountable years for you are still young and in your prime yet you look harder and sterner then when I last saw you. What strange quests have besieged you?" asked Aragorn as he looked at his old friend who was still very young.

"I have travelled far these past few years. I have seen many things. Some I will talk of others I wish not to mention. I have now travelled and wandered even further than you Aragorn son of Arathorn. I have visited the wild tall mountains of the frozen north. I will not speak much of that time because it was very cold and death dwindled in the air. There in the frozen north I saw a white bear. It attacked me I fought with it for a long time and I killed it. I skinned it and used its coat for warmth. I have kept it and it shall be my token, because no other than me has seen a white bear," said Endill looking at his friend.

"There is no such thing as a white bear," said Aragorn as he warmed his hands by the fire.

"You would say that, look here is the fur coat," said Endill as he walked over to his horse and took out a rolled up white furred skin. Endill rolled it out on the floor for Aragorn to inspect. Aragorn could see plainly that it was a white bear because of the head on the skin.

"The white bear shall be my emblem. All those in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate for I dearly love this white bear fur. Look son of Arathorn I have even made a shield with my emblem on."

Aragorn looked over to where Endill was pointing and he saw a large round shield with a blue background and in the foreground was the snarling head of a white bear. Aragorn looked at the other stuff, which his friend was carrying with him. Endill was carrying, in addition to his weapons, his shield and his white fur, a knife, for butchering game for food, and eating food. He also had a whetstone for keeping his sword and knife sharp and rust free, flint and steel for lighting fires, a water bottle, a needle and thread for mending clothes, a hook and line for catching fish some twine for snares and repairs and some salt. Other than this he also carried a pan for cooking food that cannot be eaten raw a hatchet for cutting wood for shelter or fires. Also two
tallow candles for light and to provide fat for frying.

"Endill I came here for 2 reasons. One to see a friend that I haven't seen for a long time and the other to ask you a favour. You are the greatest tracker of our people. You have very quick reflexes, very sharp eyes which can se very long distances like the Elves and you can hear silent footsteps with your great hearing. You have also lived long in the wilderness. I have been asked to find a creature called Gollum. He is small but evil, will you track him down and report his whereabouts to me?" asked Aragorn.

"You said you have been asked? Who asked you to find this Gollum creature and why?" asked Endill as he looked out over the vanishing ball of light as it sailed west over the sea to disappear.

"Gandalf the Grey asked me to find Gollum. Gollum has kept in his possession Isildur's bane. Many dark things have been found and recovered since you set off," said Aragorn looking at his friend.

"Then Isildur's bane has been found," said Endill is a whisper stroking his long hair and his stubble of a beard.

"Yes by the Shire Hobbits as they call themselves. A hobbit named Bilbo Baggins found the ring which Sauron made and which your ancestors heard the words, which were written on it. Gandalf believes that Gollum has been to Mordor and Sauron might now know that his Ring has been found," said Aragorn mournfully.

"Because it was Gandalf who asked you to find this Gollum creature, I will help you. Bit if it was Saruman I would not. I have a strange feeling about him. I think he is not what he seems. What does this Gollum creature look like?" asked Endill as he watched as Aragorn pulled out his pipe and started smoking.

"He is small like the hobbits but he travels on all four limbs. He hates sunlight, moonlight and starlight so you must travel by night and in the shadows. He is withered, wretched and very skinny. According to Bilbo Baggins who found the ring, Gollum speaks to himself and calls himself Sméagol and refers to the ring as my precious. Travel by night and don't rest until you find him. He was last seen heading south towards Mordor, and the Mountains of Shadow. Go carefully and quickly, make no noise and tell me where he is," said Aragorn puffing on his pipe and looking up at the star lit sky and wondering what else he should be doing.

"Son of Arathorn, I will find this creature and report back to you. Live long, Fight Orcs, Stay alive," said Endill as he stood up clambered onto his silver horse. Endill adjusted himself so that he was sat in the saddle with his blue shield in his left hand and his right hand holding the reigns. Endill fled the camp into the night his black cloak enveloping him and flowing like a stream behind him. He sat on his horse riding hard. He sat on his horse as if he were a King or Emperor of proud bearing. He wore his shield as a token of his family. As Endill sped away into the darkness his hair blowing in the wind and rain. Aragorn sat by the fire and thought about the things Gandalf had told him about the ring and it being his responsibility as Isildur's heir.

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