The Quest of Aarien - The Journey Begins

The Quest of Aarien

The Journey Begins

Kim sat on her bed. It was Friday night and she didn't have anything planned, but that didn't bother her. On Saturday she would be with her favorite person ever. Skyler Bradons. Skyler was 3 years older than her, played basketball, blonde hair, blue-gray eyes like a just settled storm, the kind of guy all the younger girls wanted to go out with.She didn't care though. She knew something they didn't. He liked Kim, more than even she knew. That was something she could nver figure out. Not that it bothered her. She liked Skyler a lot. She would talk to him everyday and go to almost all his games. When he had a cast on his foot she would sit by him at the games and comfort him. He wanted to be out there playing more than anyone else. Maybe that was why he liked her. She just wasn't sure. None the less she gave a small shake of joy.

"Calm down, Kim." she told herself. She walked to her computer and sat down, opening the small IBook (laptop). She, for the 17th time, read one of her favorite stories from Tolkien Online. The_Elf_From_America. She liked the idea of being transferred to Middle Earth. She had read many stories like this and sometimes wondered if she would "wake up" there one day on a journey of her own.


It was the happiest day of Kim's life. At least she thought so at the time. She had spent the day with Skyler, doing all sorts of things. They were now in the park looking for some excitement.

"Look, there's a cave. Let's investigate." Skyler said motioning to the small cave across the trail in the woods. It was slightly hidden by leaves and bushes.

Coming!" Kim said over her shoulder as she tied her shoe. She jerked around at the sound of a scream in time to see Skyler suddenly fall over.

"Skyler!" she yelled worriedly. She ran to his unconscious figure, dropping to her knees beside him.

"Skyler, are you ok?... Skyler?... Skyler?!?!". Suddenly she heard a footstep behind her. She never got turned all the way around. She felt a sharp pain as whoever it was slammed her in the head. She wasn't sure what it was they had used but it hurt. Then everything was black and she passed out.


Kim awoke. She slowly, groggily opened her eyes. A shooting pain went through her head when she saw the bright light.

"Where am I?" she asked when the pain subsided.

"You are in the House of Elrond, though, he does not live here anymore, for he has sailed west to the Gray Havens, as have many of the elves of Imladris. I am Trinevieve." replied a kind voice beside her.

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