The Quest of Aarien * Part 3 - The Journey Continues (cont.)

Aarien opened the door quietly. She turned toward Trinevieve, placing her finger to her lips. She wanted to surprise Skyler. Trinevieve motioned that she would leave them alone and walked back down the hall.

Aarien walked in and slowly, quietly crept towars him. He lay on the bed, eyes closed, hands resting on his chest. He wasn't asleep.

She walked over to him, leaned down, and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. He jumped, not knowing anyone was there until now. He took one look at Aarien and jumped off the bed, hugging her tightly. He pulled away and looked at her for a moment, then he leaned down and caught her lips in a sweet kiss. Her first kiss. After all, she was only 13. She was startled but happy!

"Wow,"she whispered in awe, letting her head rest on his chest, listening to the soft, steady beat of his heart. "That was the best 'hello' I've ever had."

After Aarien had calmed down she looked at him. His hair was still short which was funny in a way because of his elven ears. She almost laughed but held it back.He was wearing an outfit much like what Legolas wears in Lothlorien other than the color. The pants were dark blue instead of green and the tunic was silver-blue. He looked very handsome to Aarien.

"You look cute with pointed ears." she giggled.

"What!?" he yelled, running to the mirror. Then he laughed at how he looked.

"So... where exactly are we?"

"We are in Rivendell, Middle Earth." Aarien said, growing serious.

"Mmm." he replied simply as he looked around the room. This surprised Aarien very much.

"You believe me?" she asked, even more surprised at how calm he was.

"Well... ya. I mean, it is kinda far fetched but look at where we are and what we look like. It would make sense." Skyler said calmly, still absorbing his surroundings. Aarien thought about this and relaxed.

"We got some problems though. See, we're supposed to be elves and Skyler and Kim don't quite fit in the name category."


"Well... My name is Aarien and yours is Terlince. Sound good?"

"Ok, let me get this straight. We are in a different world, we're elves, and we changed are names. Am I correct?"

"Yeah, that about sums it up."
"Well, all right. I suppose Terlince is ok."

"Thats good. Come on, I want you to meet someone."


Terlince followed Aarien down the hall. He had gathered all his surroundings, now he focused on the woman he was with. Aarien looked beautiful. As they walked down the hall the sunlight glowed off her hair which was loose and flowing. He didn't have much time to think though, before the reached a door and stopped.

"Now remember, we are supposed to be the fairest and most gaceful creatures in all of Middle Earth."

"Yes Milady." he replied, trying to sound like a respect ful elf.

"Perfect. And don't forget, Terlince, Aarien. Got it?"

"Yes Milady. As you wish." He laughed.


A soft knock came to the door. Trinevieve got up from the seat she had been reading in and answered it. Aarien and Terlince entered.

"Trinevieve, this is Terlince. Terlince, Trinevieve." Trinevieve nodded and Terlince smiled, making a slight bow.

"Come now Sir Terlince, sit and let me heal your wounds." Trinevieve said to him, remembering why he was there.

Terlince sat on the side of the bed and smiled at Aarien as Trinevieve busied herself with the now quite small lump on his head. Aarien blushed, flashing a wide smile at him before turning to Trinevieve.

"Is he going to die, docter." she asked, her voice full of sarcasm. Trinevieve laughed.

"No he'll live."

"Darn it!" Aarien said, holding back a giggle, though she tried to look angry. This caused all three of them to laugh.


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